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Tech N9ne Brings The Heat with New Single “W H A T” ft HU$H & Kim Dracula

Tech N9ne joins forces with HU$H and Australian artist Kim Dracula in new single, “W H A T (We’re Hungry And Thirsty).”



Tech N9ne in 2023, photo by Sam Levi

Indie hip-hop trailblazer Tech N9ne continues to deliver genre-fluid diversity with his art. For his new song, he joins forces with labelmate HU$H and Australian alternative/metal/hardcore and visual artist Kim Dracula. “W H A T (We’re Hungry And Thirsty)” will be out on all streaming platforms via Strange Music, starting on July 7.

On the track, glitchy electronics give way to jarring distortion and the chorus’s scream practically pierces the sky. When asked about how working with Kim Dracula came about, Tech said,

“I searched Spotify for metal rappers, and BANG! This one could be controversial because I’m talking about people who wrote the Bible and how we’re waking up and being controlled. Kim Dracula was a perfect specimen for this because they’re fucking lyrically crazy. HU$H killed it.”

Tech N9ne on having eclectic taste in music:

“Music is music, it makes no difference what it is, I can like Slipknot and Public Enemy equally. ‘Pulse Of The Maggots’ and ‘Welcome To The Terrordome’ are totally different songs, but I get the same thrill from them. Or listening to something by the Deftones might make me just as happy as De La Soul. I can’t separate it like, ‘OK, rock does this to me, and hip-hop does that to me.’ It doesn’t work like that. It’s music, period.”

Tech reaches higher than ever on his upcoming full-length and 24th album release BLISS, out on Strange Music on July 28. He shares, “I’m evolved with a new brain, a new soul, and a new heart. I want to start conversations, so we can find a middle ground even if we are different. We can agree to disagree. I want conversation, and these are my observations. I’m opening up and talking about things I’ve obsessed over. To me, this album is a mirror of society.”

Tech N9ne “W H A T” ft HU$H & Kim Dracula single artwork

Tech N9ne “W H A T” ft HU$H & Kim Dracula single artwork

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