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Mr.Phylzzz Return with New LP ‘Fat Chance’ on July 23rd!

The Chicago-based noise-rock duo Mr.Phylzzz is back with the new LP, ‘Fat Chance,’ which will be released on July 23.



Mr.Phylzzz, photo courtesy of Mr.Phylzzz

The Chicago-based noise-rock duo Mr.Phylzzz is back with the new LP, Fat Chance, which will be released on July 23. Over the course of the year since the release of Cancel Culture Club, Mr.Phylzzz didn’t stop writing new material.

Fat Chance is the latest offering from Mr.Phylzzz, showcasing a distinct tonal shift while staying true to the band’s signature style. This seven-song LP delivers an unrelenting, dynamically charged experience, described by the band as their most straightforward and focused record yet.

Mr.Phylzzz ‘Fat Chance’ album artwork

Mr.Phylzzz ‘Fat Chance’ album artwork

Comments the band’s drummer, Danny Sein:

Fat Chance is definitely a bit different than the previous albums, especially tonally… But still, these songs are distinctly Phylzzz!”

Eventually, the band decided to make their way to the legendary Electrical Audio Studios capturing the spirit of what became their new LP. “They really understood the weird world of phylzzz.” – explains Clinton Jacob, the founding member of Mr.Phylzzz.

Fat Chance Track Listing:

1. Pontiac Grand AM
2. Dirty Hands
3. Maybe
4. Damp
5. Modern Life
6. Insisting
7. Pick Scrape


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