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Diane Gentile Shares New Single “Walk With Me”

Diane Gentile, singer-songwriter hailing from New York City, has just released the first single,“Walk With Me,” off her upcoming album.



Diane Gentile, photo by Olivia Jaffe

Diane Gentile, a singer-songwriter hailing from New York City, has just released the first single, “Walk With Me,” off her upcoming album, The Bad And The Beautiful. Featuring the legendary Alejandro Escovedo, the stunning duet is a testament to Diane’s poetic lyricism and is beautifully contrasted by a moody Americana sound.

Diane’s songwriting boasts heavy influence from a diverse range of artists and literary legends, including David Bowie, Lucinda Williams, The Rolling Stones, Henrik Ibsen, and even William Shakespeare. According to Gentile, her creativity has been shaped by the distant lyrics of Bowie, the honesty of Williams, the danceability of The Rolling Stones, the realism of Ibsen, and the tragic drama of Shakespeare.  Look out for more releases from Diane Gentile, as she moves closer to her full album release.

Diane is excited to embark on regional tours in support of ‘The Bad and the Beautiful’ and is already contemplating her next musical endeavour. With her insatiable drive to constantly evolve and learn, Diane is determined to push boundaries and continue creating captivating music that resonates with audiences.

Stay tuned for continued updates.


The Bad and the Beautiful by Diane Gentile

1. Lace Up Your Sneakers
2. Dance ‘til Dawn
3. Walk With Me, feat. Alejandro Escovedo
4. Fade Away Author
5. Shimmy
6. Far Away Down The River
7. Sugarcane
8. The Hook Up
9. Be There
10. Kiss The Sky

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