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LTtheMonk Shares Sudsy Single, “Pepsi Challenge”

LTtheMonk releases his fizzy new single, “Pepsi Challenge,” a creative project inspired by a podcast. Hear it today!




LTtheMonk releases “Pepsi Challenge,” a creative project inspired by a podcast. Originally from London, UK, LTtheMonk had an eclectic musical upbringing that set him off on a journey to becoming a musician himself. Dance is also an intrinsic part of LT’s toolkit, with bantamweight Gene Kelly-meets-James Brown footwork and immaculate sport socks both indelible signatures of his persona as an entertainer. Melding all of his influences, LT aims to fuse dance music with hip-hop and pop to create his own unique sound.

LT was listening to a podcast series about the “Cola Wars” of the 70s and 80s between Coca Cola and Pepsi, and it made him think about being in a relationship where you’re considered a “power couple.” In a lot of situations, ego might destroy the relationship, if one person is being given more attention, or achieving more success than the other.

Commenting on the song, LTtheMonk states:

“The lyrics for ‘Pepsi Challenge’ are taken straight from old school advertisements for Coca Cola from the 40s-70s which I bought at a vintage market in Toronto, coupled with my ‘New Monk Swing’ sound, which mixes dance, hip-hop & R&B to bring together the dancing, rapping and singing sides of my artistry.

I created 2 sodas for ‘Pepsi Challenge’’s music video, ‘Monk Pop’ for myself, and ‘Uptonic’ for the character of my romantic partner. Director Matt Azzarello captured people coming into a store and taking the Pepsi Challenge with myself and my partner, doing a blind taste test and deciding which drink they preferred. We used these scenes to represent my partner and I going through challenges on the way to embracing being a power couple, finding success and happiness in our relationship in the end.”

LTtheMonk “Pepsi Challenge” single artwork

LTtheMonk “Pepsi Challenge” single artwork

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