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Indie Heroes Pulp Continue Comeback on Wet Sunday Night in Scarborough [Photos]

Indie heroes Pulp continue their comeback with a spectacular set on a wet Sunday in Scarborough. Check out photos from the show here.



Pulp live at Scarborough Open Air Theatre

About 30 minutes before returning ’90s indie/pop heroes Pulp took to the stage at Scarborough’s Open Air Theatre, the heavens opened, treating this sold-out crowd to a downpour of biblical standards.

Thankfully, by the time the band arrived with Jarvis Cocker rising up from the back of the stage, the skies had cleared, and this truly drenched crowd had forgotten all about the downpour they had just endured.

As for Pulp well, as they bounded into “Disco 2000” and a sea of streamers erupted from the stage, it really did feel like they had not been away. Fans of all ages bounced and sang along to a set packed with indie bangers like “Mishapes,” “Sorted For E’s & Wizz,” and the ultimate indie anthem, “Common People.”

The star of the show is Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker. Part nerd, part singer, part comedian, the glasses are still there, as is the velvet suit and the comedy banter. He may not seem it but, as far as frontmen go, Cocker is the complete package. He throws curly wurlies into the crowd, and he jokes about the weather, all while busting out some of the nerdiest dance moves you’ll ever see.


It was hard to know what to expect from these Pulp comeback shows but, on the evidence of this wonderfully wet night in Scarborough, they were everything a Pulp fan could have wished for… and then some.

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