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Japanese Group Chicken Blow the Idol Climb Rock Radio Charts



Chicken Blow the Idol

Tokyo-based idol group Chicken Blow the Idol has been gaining popularity here in the US after a recent show in Torrence, California. Their latest hit, “Nantesamishiiyorunanda” (‘What a Lonely Night’), has been slowly climbing the charts and making new fans with their unique sound and style.

Chicken Blow is a Japanese idol unit formed in 2021, consisting of four members: Asuka Kazahana, Mayo Fujiwa, Tsubomi Ruiru, and Mikan Akari. They are a live idol group that combines the concept of traditional Japanese school uniform costumes and a youthful rock sound.

In Japan, an ‘idol’ is a type of entertainer and personality in Japanese pop culture. Idols are primarily singers with training in other performance skills areas such as acting, dancing, and modelling. Idols are commercialized through merchandise and endorsements by talent agencies while maintaining a parasocial relationship with a financially loyal consumer fan base. Japan’s idol industry first emerged in the 1960s and became prominent in the 1970s and 1980s due to television appearances and more. Today, Japan’s idol industry has been used as a model for other pop idol industries, such as K-pop, C-pop, T-pop, and more.

Chicken Blow recently released the English version of their hit NanteSamishiiYoruNanda, which translates to “What a Lonely Night.” The Japanese version, previously released as part of their Sotto Voce album, broke the Top 100 on Digital Radio Tracker’s Global Top 150 Independent Airplay Chart. The single also hit #15 on DRT’s Top 50 Rock Charts.


Theyre currently working on new music and preparing for an anniversary show in Tokyo on September 23rd, 2023. The show will be held at TOKYO Zepp Shinjuku and they’re aiming to attract 1,500 people.

Stream their single here and visit their official website to learn more about Chicken Blow the Idol:

Chicken Blow the Idol DRT rock chart

Chicken Blow the Idol DRT rock chart