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James Harker Releases His New Album ‘Limerence’

James Harker has released his much-anticipated album, Limerence—a deeply philosophical trek through a set of introspective songs.



James Harker

UK song-writer, James Harker, has released his much-anticipated album, Limerence. This crowdfunded collection is a deeply philosophical trek through a set of introspective songs with captivating pop hooks and compelling guitar melodies. Drawing from his experience in the music industry, James Harker’s background in composing for short films and theater endeavors shines through. His classical piano training adds a touch of sophistication to the intricate, raw, and complex chord structures.

When asked about the album’s title, he said:

Limerence is a tragic state of mind. It involves obsessive feelings of infatuation with someone, often someone who doesn’t return the feelings. But limerence is not love; it’s more characterized by wanting to be loved than the desire to do any actual loving.”

A standout track is “Beautiful Amber Blinks.” The song instantly captivates listeners with its repeated chord pattern throughout the verses. James Harker’s haunting and raw vocals culminate in stunning vocal harmonies during the chorus. The song’s drumming patterns and driving guitar strumming add depth and intensity. The music video’s production quality is impressive. “Beautiful Amber Blinks” captures the sensation of helplessness when the world feels chaotic and all one can do is stand by and watch. Though the song has a definite pop feel, it has a distinctively mournful edge.

James Harker’s Limerence is a direct and honest expression of relatable emotions. Available on all major streaming platforms, make sure to give a listen.

'Limerence' by James Harker

‘Limerence’ by James Harker