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Family Worship Center Merge Rock and Soul on Their “Hellfire” Music Video Premiere

Family Worship Center reveals their feel-good official clip for their new single “Hellfire,” from their upcoming album ‘Kicked Out of the Garden’ (CorpoRAT Records).



Family Worship Center in 2023, photo by Harper King

Certain music gives you all the feels; the type that puts you in a good mood and enriches you, like the type doled out by Family Worship Center. Today, the band reveals the feel-good official clip for their new single “Hellfire,” from their upcoming album Kicked Out of the Garden, set for release this September through CorpoRAT Records.

Led by the supremely spiritual frontman Andy Krissberg, this song aims to please in ways that most modern rock just doesn’t do anymore. It’s grand; it’s vintage sounding, it’s soulful, reminiscent of a time long ago when rock n’ roll and R&B weren’t all that far apart from each other. Krissberg and his backup singers skillfully play off of each other, creating a group dynamic that would make for the perfect sing-along track to end the night at a live concert. Along the way, Krissberg injects the track with his unique and unmistakable wit and charm.

Discussing “Hellfire,” Krissberg states:

“This one came down pretty quickly while plunking away on my Yamaha CP70. I tried to stay in the lane as other classic ‘fuck you’ songs (‘you’re so vain,’ ‘idiot wind,’ etc…), adding a back and forth dialogue, but also poking fun at the protagonist, ‘Real good friends, with money, maybe they’ll treat me better,’ threatening to go pay for love if things don’t change… No one is the hero in this song, it’s two people with claws out, trying to draw blood.

“For whatever reason we chose to film the video on the hottest day in the past 200 years, pretty fitting honestly. Take a look, drink the kool-aid, see you on the other side.”

Kicked Out of the Garden will act as Family Worship Center’s proper full-length debut record, eight songs that speak to Krissberg and his transformative spiritual life journeys. On one of these journeys, he found an unusual bible in an old record store from a cult-like group that called themselves Family Worship Center. Reading through it, he felt a connection to the group’s pursuit of what they call groove enlightenment; walk to the beat, surrender material possessions, and don’t hurt another Family Member. Krissberg vowed to follow this line of thinking, and he created his own band in an attempt to share this belief system with others.

These are songs reminiscent of that certain type of redemptive 1970s rock, typical of The Rolling Stones, Leon Russell, and The Band, all in an attempt to make you feel some enlightenment. Krissberg’s biggest hope is that the communal Groove can make you feel as augmented and as reinvigorated as it did him.

Family Worship Center “Hellfire” single artwork

Family Worship Center “Hellfire” single artwork