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Bradley McCaw Premieres His Feel-Good “Daydreaming Girl” Music Video

With his new single “Daydreaming Girl,” Bradley McCaw harkens back to a time when rock n’ roll was a lot more lighthearted..



Bradley McCaw, photo by Tony Mott

With his new single “Daydreaming Girl,” Bradley McCaw harkens back to a time when rock n’ roll was a lot more lighthearted. Off of his debut album Worried Minds, which was released last month, the song is reminiscent of a time when rock and what was known as pop at the time were more closely aligned.

Think of Billy Joel, Elton John, or Bruce Springsteen, three of the best at melding that feel-good ’70s pop vibe with the primary ingredients of classic rock. Interestingly enough, “Daydreaming Girl” is the first song that McCaw ever wrote, certainly impressive considering the first songs that musicians write are often ones they would like to best leave unheard.

Commenting on the video, Bradley shares the following:

“After spending ten years making my debut album WORRIED MINDS, working in multiple studios around the world with some legit music legends, I wanted to capture the album’s journey in one music video. There really were so many moments of joy and increible input from alot of different people so I wanted to acknowledge them and try to capture thismoment in time, like a bookmark of sorts. It was an incredible decade and sure a crazy story, but we did it and that’s something I am going to celebrate.”

Proud to call Australia home, McCaw is deliberate in his attempt to inject a lot of feel-good vibes into his music. There are lots of catchy pop melodies, Motown vibes, and ’80s FM radio energy within this recording, a soulful and catchy batch of tunes. He has been on a roll over the last year, releasing five singles and now this debut offering, marking his territory as a singer-songwriter after previously working as a writer on several successful musical productions in Australia.


This album has been in various phases of development for a few years now, held up and modified as a result of the pandemic and the associated lockdowns. Recently, McCaw realized it was time to finish the album and follow the path etched out by his idols to make music that helps him find happiness in his life. And within his own sphere of joy and pleasure, he hopes that you can tap into those very same emotions.

Worried Minds Track Listing:

1. “Worried Minds”
2. “So Glad”
3. “Daydreaming Girl”
4. “I Want You Back”
5. “Someone Like You”
6. “You Ain’t Foolin’ Anyone”
7. “Crazy”
8. “Darling You Looks So Good”
9. “One More For The Road”
10. “Goodbye”

Bradley McCaw “Daydreaming Girl” album artwork

Bradley McCaw “Daydreaming Girl” album artwork