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Sasha Prendes Debuts Her Pop Single, “Shake This”

With the release of her electrifying new single “Shake This,” the Cuban-American pop singer Sasha Prendes announces her arrival with an instant pop hit.



Sasha Prendes “Shake This” single artwork

With the release of her electrifying new single “Shake This,” the Cuban-American pop singer Sasha Prendes announces her arrival with an instant pop hit that will make you want to shake off the mundane and embrace the vibrant spirit of her intoxicating performance.

Written and produced by the renowned industry veteran Darrell (D.) Lawrence, of AJA Live Inc., “Shake This” channels Sasha’s fresh and witty approach to self-respect and commitment with an expertly orchestrated fusion of sounds, seamlessly blending Latin influences with contemporary pop elements. Lawrence’s production prowess provides the perfect foundation for Sasha’s smooth, yet dynamic vocals and magnetic stage presence, creating a truly irresistible musical experience that will wake you up from whatever is dragging you down.

Sasha reveals:

“‘Shake This’ is literally the story of an out-loud declaration made in the bathroom mirror after a (not so mutually agreed upon) separation from a long-term love. Once all the smoke had cleared after a very nasty argument, regret and immediate depression set in, making it difficult to work, eat, and even breathe. Thoughts of how to do away with and even plan one’s own demise had set it. Every time one’s own reflection was seen, it was hated.”

“Then one day, while about to do the regular early morning grooming rituals, the words ‘you have to shake this’ just came out,” she adds. “All the reasons of why life is still vibrant, no matter how far down the sadness hole one gets, came rushing back to mind. Family, friends, great times, and the music that reminds one of all of it flooded the consciousness. I began to write down exactly what I thought on random bits of pieces of scrap papers and receipts from local grocery stores.”


“Shake This” is the first taste of a bold slate of new material that Sasha will be releasing throughout 2023, a collection of future anthems just waiting to make their debut. The release also marks the launch of Lawrence’s new record label, AJA Live Inc., a conduit for his range of upcoming musical enterprises, with the vivacious, glamorous Sasha leading the charge. Stay tuned for continued updates, and keep an eye on Sasha’s social media channels to hear what else she has in store this year.

Sasha Prendes “Shake This” single artwork

Sasha Prendes “Shake This” single artwork

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