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The Hives – “Bogus Operandi” [Song Review]

As a whole, “Bogus Operandi” is wild and untamed. With explosive riffs and efficient hooks, Swedish garage-rockers The Hives dish raw energy from start to finish.



The Hives ‘The Death of Randy Fitzsimmons’ album artwork

Swedish garage-rockers, The Hives are roaring to life with their latest single, Bogus Operandi.” The new track serves as the lead single off of the forthcoming album The Death of Randy Fitzsimmons, expected August 11th.

As a whole, the track is wild and untamed. With explosive riffs and efficient hooks, The Hives dishes raw energy from start to finish. However, the classic elements that have become the band’s signature are given a noticeably darker twist.

Heavy and sustained chords drone from an electric guitar, setting an almost sinister tone before ushering in a feisty main riff. The Hives relentlessly churn out hook after hook from here on out with a steadfast punk sensibility.

Repetition is the key to retention, and The Hives seem to know this well. The vocal phrasing is short and sweet while maintaining predictability in the lyrical structure. The result is a song that is not only memorable but just plain fun.

Going out on a high note, the final chorus kicks things up a notch by modulating in key, further intensifying the song’s vigour.

“Bogus Operandi” is accompanied by a chaotic music video written and directed by Aube Perrie. The surreal and gory fever dream of a clip manages to amplify the song’s off-the-wall energy while solidifying its macabre tone.

The Hives

The Hives

The band will be touring Europe this summer supporting Arctic Monkeys.

The Death of Randy Fitzsimmons will be The Hives’ first record in over a decade and is anticipated to drop on August 11th, 2023, via Fuga.

Run Time: 3:43
Release Date: May 2, 2023
Record Label: Fuga