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Nina de Vitry Premieres Her Melodic New Single, “Open”

A delicate song masterfully compiled, Nina de Vitry’s “Open” features sorrowful melodies and lush strings, classical in nature but still with enough rudiments and fundamentals for any fan of piano pop.



Nina de Vitry, photo by Joseph Ross Photography

Some songwriting is more straightforward, but some, like Nina de Vitry’s, resembles the process of putting together a painting. It’s a process that she used to weave together her debut full-length album, What You Feel is Real, and songs like the album’s first single, “Open.”

A delicate song masterfully compiled, “Open” features sorrowful melodies and lush strings, classical in nature but still with enough rudiments and fundamentals for any fan of piano pop. It’s relaxing music, but not in a dull kind of way; it’s that breath of fresh air that comes in handy when you’re feeling the stress and rigours of life on a difficult day. de Vitry is a storytelling type of musician who also happens to be able to strand together some soulful and beautiful melodies.

Genre is not a predominant focus for the singer-songwriter; it’s more about the depth and quality of the songwriting that goes into it. In essence, the song ends up where it ends up, and it’s not about subscribing to any one “sound.” It’s the process that is the most important thing, and when you have as dynamic of an alto voice as de Vitry, the delivery is right on point.

With time on her side during the various lockdowns related to the COVID-19 pandemic, de Vitry had the opportunity to press pause for a bit, slow her career down for the time being, and focus on taking care of herself, along with some self-reflection and improvement. At that point, musical output wasn’t very important because it’s not like touring or playing live was an option, so she turned her focus inwards toward the actual process. Concentrating on other outlets like cooking, fitness, and exploring her environment helped her reconnect with her love of the piano, and she became invested in bettering herself as an instrumentalist. It all ended up being “instrumental” in the writing and recording of What You Feel is Real.

Along with the debut of “Open,” de Vitry has joined us to discuss the song in more depth and the ever-important process behind it.

Nina de Vitry “Open” single artwork, image by Madeline Bechtel

Nina de Vitry “Open” single artwork, image by Madeline Bechtel

What prompted you to write this song? What inspired it? What is its message?

“The writing of this song was prompted by the quietude and vastness of a snowy winter walk in 2021. Like many of us, I felt exhausted by isolation after two pandemic winters, and I yearned for the world to reopen. ‘Open’ metaphorically plays with the way in which physically closing ourselves off to the world closes us emotionally, too. Opening our windows to fresh air is like opening our minds to fresh ideas. Opening our doors to our homes is like opening our hearts to love.

“The core message of the song is to push past the comfort we may have settled into in our separated isolation, and to strive to open ourselves to the very things that may make us want to withdraw.”

How did this song come together when you wrote it? What was the songwriting process like?

“This song first came to me as a melody. I then sat down with a guitar to work out the chords underneath, and the words flowed quite easily from there. Writing ‘Open’ was one of those special songwriting moments where the song nearly writes itself, and you are simply there to catch it.”

This is a “stripped down” song, instrumentation-wise. How do you feel the minimalist nature of this song affected its sound? Do you think the message is more impactful with the words in the forefront?

“The minimalist arrangement of the song is intended both to enhance the intimacy of the track and to capture a feeling of loneliness. With the sparse accompaniment, listeners also have little choice but to focus on the lyrics. I believe this adds impact to the message of the song, as it guides one toward a pointed self-reflection. As the song develops, the layers of strings and harmonies deepen, elevating the feeling of openness that the song seeks to inspire. As the song builds, the sparseness and loneliness eventually give way to an unbridled expansiveness.”

Speaking of the message, what do you hope listeners get from hearing the song? What message do you hope it conveys?

“During the pandemic, the closing of our homes and our most cherished gathering places seemed to coax our difficulties as a society to the surface. Issues that were not always apparent clawed themselves into the daylight, and this song is not just about our need to open ourselves to each other, but a message to open our minds and hearts in the face of all of the misinformation and distrust that our country and world are currently experiencing.

“It is my hope that this song may inspire listeners to expand their comfort zones in various ways, from connecting more deeply to ourselves and our neighbours, to opening our minds to new ideas and difficult conversations.”

What is coming up next for Nina de Vitry?

“This summer I look forward to taking the Nina de Vitry Band on the road for the first time to support my upcoming album release. We will be playing dates specifically in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, and Northeast. Stay tuned for dates coming soon!”