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Track-by-Track: Little Hurt Deliberates on the Impressive New Record ‘Lovely Hours’

Today, Colin Dieden joins us for an exclusive track-by-track rundown of his new Lovely Hours album ‘Little Hurt’ (Century Family/The Orchard).



Little Hurt in 2023, photo by Ethan Redick

There may be something a little tongue-in-cheek about Lovely Hours, the title of the latest album from Little Hurt. Released last week on May 12th via Century Family/The Orchard, this is the latest batch of songs from the solo project of Colin Dieden, former frontman of alternative rock band The Mowgli’s.

These ‘hours’ that Dieden is referring to aren’t exactly ‘lovely’ in the traditional sense, as the record reflects the ups and downs of the last couple of years of his life. There are some extremely uplifting melodies throughout these ten tracks, but Dieden is not afraid to delve into some of the darker parts of his life through this period. With this release, he intends to help normalize anxiety and share something relatable to those who feel or have felt similar to him.

Dieden began releasing music as Little Hurt in 2019, and in the last four years, it has been a massive success for the singer and songwriter. Songs like “Better Drugs” and “Good As It Gets” lent early credibility to him as a solo artist, always a challenge to those trying to break away from a successful band. He has also released the EP Every Second, which received much mainstream attention. Since he began releasing songs as Little Hurt, Dieden has amassed over 33 million streams, a staggering number for any artist.

Today, Dieden joins us for an exclusive track-by-track rundown, in which he discusses each song on Lovely Hours and what they mean to him.

1. “Lovely Hours”

“I decided to name the album after this song because I felt like it perfectly encapsulated what I’ve been going through and what rounded out what this record sounds like. Sonically happy, but with sad lyrics.”

2. “Get Out Of My Life”

This is potentially my favourite song on the record. I love the energy it comes with and I wrote it at a time when I REALLY needed to.”

3. “Modern Art”

“This song is about the same person that 99 percent of this record is about, but this one is fun because I got a little angrier than I usually get.”

Little Hurt ‘Lovely Hours’ album artwork

Little Hurt ‘Lovely Hours’ album artwork

4. “I Can Do Better Than You”

“This was a really fun one to write. Sometimes writing songs feels like a regular job, but this was just super fun. I’m glad we picked it as the single.”

5. “Laughing At Myself”

“This is one of my favourites on the record because of the way the chorus moves. It has that feeling that makes everyone want to throw their hands in the air.”

6. “Pineapple Pizza”

“I wrote this song years, and years, and years ago, and it’s so cool how it found its way onto my new record. I think this song has some of the strong lyrics on the record.”

7. “See You Again”

“This is definitely the chilliest, cruisiest song on the record. I’m glad we have one like this because everything else is insane.”

8. “Buttercup”

“I think this is one of the catchiest songs on the record for sure and it was so cool to have one of my best friends, The Ready Set, feature on it.”

9. “Cooler If U Did”

“This is a fun one because it changes genres entirely like four times within the song. It’s cool to be able to take risks like that.”

10. “Down Bad For You”

“This is another one where I got to have one of my best friends StuDaBoi feature on it. I like this one because it doesn’t sound like anything else on the record and I got to yell a lot.”

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