You know it when you see it, the time, or era, a band hits their creative peak, which is a space where You Said Strange are currently beating around with their latest releases. Today, the group unveils their brand new single, “No Way Out,” a fresh spoonful of indie pop glory from their new Thousand Shadows Vol. 2 EP.

In their own words regarding their new single, the band states:

“‘No Way Out’ is the opening of Thousand Shadows Vol. 2. It is an initial situation and a triggering incident at the same time. There’s a wall depicted along the piece, which sooner or later, everyone confronts. Sometimes, we climb it by ourselves, and sometimes with the help of others. The question remains, how to bring it down.”

Creatively, the band has come a long way since the release of their debut album, Salvation Prayer in 2019. That guitarist Peter Holmström of the acclaimed indie rockers The Dandy Warhols agreed to produce that album speaks volumes about the potential that he initially saw in the quartet, a potential they have certainly lived up to. What You Said Strange shares in common with The Dandy Warhols is that both are difficult to typecast into specific genres. You Said Strange is an eclectic mix of shoegaze, noise pop, and psychedelic rock, featuring both a very evident ’60s and ’90s spirit.

On their decision to release a second volume of Thousand Shadows, they share:

“A second chapter was needed to highlight the many shadows that still linger everywhere. The shadows that linger on the borders, hiding the violence of the fights for them. The shadows that time has on relationships and their persistence, because the shadows move.”

It’s an exciting moment in the lifespan of You Said Strange, where everything has come together just as it should, along with a full bundling of well-earned and deserved critical accolades.

You Said Strange ‘Thousand Shadows Vol. 2’ album artwork
You Said Strange ‘Thousand Shadows Vol. 2’ album artwork