I feel like this is already a full-circle moment. Fit For a King returned to the Worcester Palladium to headline with bands, Northlane, Alpha Wolf and Kingdom of Giants on their “The Hell We Create Tour.” The palladium date was also FFAK’s biggest headline show so far, with about 2,200 in attendance. In March of 2022, I shot FFAK and Alpha Wolf for the first time for V13, and it’s been a fun photography journey since!

Kingdom of Giants started the night off with their song “Burner” and played for about twenty-five minutes. They got the crowd moving and moshing in the pit and ready for the night ahead. They ended their set with songs “Bleach” and “Wayfinder.”

Alpha Wolf is a band to not be missed! They bring the energy every time, and it’s hard to not want to move to the music. The crowd surfers were a constant in the pit while Alpha Wolf opened with “60cm of Steel” and later played my favorite songs, “Acid Romance,” “Bleed 4 You,” and “Black Mamba.” When I wasn’t in the photo pit, I joined the crowd and jumped around in the pit. Alpha Wolf closed with “Akudama.”

Next up was Northlane, and they are a band I hadn’t thought I’d be able to shoot yet! This band does not disappoint live. They started their set with their songs “Clarity” and “Plenty” and played a forty-minute set with other songs like “Quantum Flux,” “Obsidian,” and “Bloodline,” and ended with “Talking Heads.”

Fit For a King closed off the night and played fifteen songs. They opened with “The Hell We Create” and other songs such as “Vendetta,” “Reaper,” “Backbreaker,” “What You Left Behind,” and my favorite song, “Deathgrip.” Their encore songs were “When Everything Means Nothing” and “God of Fire,” where members of Alpha Wolf and Currents came out on stage to join FFAK and vocalist David Benites. Every member of FFAK gets the crowd going, and they don’t stop moving.

“The Hell We Create Tour” is coming to an end this week in Texas, and if you had the pleasure of getting to their show, then you were in for a treat! All the bands on this tour package are phenomenal and bands you can see countless times and never get tired of seeing them. I can’t wait for the next show!


I got into photography in late 2017/ early 2018 even though cameras have always interest me. I've been working with mostly local bands in the New England area since mid 2018 and working on growing my craft since then. I love shooting live shows. The energy the bands give on stage can be such a powerful experience and I want to be able to capture that moment for a lifetime!