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Empyre Release AI-Generated Music Video for New Single “Waking Light”

Empyre have chosen to go down the controversial AI route to create their new video for “Waking Light”. Check out the video here…



Empyre. Press Photo

After unveiling, “Relentless”, “Parasites” and “Hit & Run”, Empyre return with a brand new single “Waking Light”.

Known for their DIY ethics, Empyre have long been creating their own artwork and videos but when it came to their new single, Empyre have gone one step further as they decided to create both the video and single cover entirely from scratch. Well not quite entirely…

Check out the video here to see what they’ve created this time:

AI is a highly debated topic in the world at large with arguments for and against the use of AI, particularly in the field of the arts. Whereas some believe that AI threatens creativity with programmable sequencing already reaching the ability to craft entire songs and map out artwork, Empyre instead wanted to show that we should embrace this advancement of technology. The video aims to open the conversation as to where do we stand with the use of AI.

Speaking on the subject, the band said:

“Why go through the pain of dealing with a slow and expensive human artist when I can get mind-blowing, free results in 30 seconds from an algorithm? That being said, there are some things that machine’s simply can’t do but if the option is there, then why shouldn’t we take it?!”

Specifically with “Waking Light” the band wanted to see just how both artist and technology can coexist to create something truly unique. The artwork for the video was created using AI technologies such as Midjourney and Open AI’s Dall-E to make over 1000 individual AI generated images manipulated by the band into several infinite zoom sequences. A perfect combination of man and machine working together.

You can also see lead singer Henrik elaborate a little more on the process of how they put another, also AI generated cover for “Parasites”, whilst giving more context around the new single.

Tour Dates:

03/11 – Album Listening Party, Northampton Filmhouse
03/11 – The Black Prince, Northampton
04/22 – KK’s Steel Mill, Wolverhampton (The Album Party)
04/30 – Station 18 Festival, Swansea
05/20 – Kettering Arts Centre (Acoustic)
06/02 – LoveRocks Festival, Bournemouth
07/30 – Steelhouse Festival, Wales
09/03 – Nene Valley Rock Festival, Nene Park, Peterborough
09/30 – The Patriot, Crumlin, Wales

Empyre’s new album, Relentless will be released on March 31st, 2023 via Kscope and you can pre-order here.

Artwork for ‘Relentless’ by Empyre

Artwork for ‘Relentless’ by Empyre

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