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Behind the Video: MOODY Premieres and Discusses His Dark Techno Track, “Tu Suenos”

There’s nothing much conventional about master violinist and EDM producer Moody. Today, the artist premieres and discusses his new dark techno single/video, “Tu Suenos.”



You may not expect a master violinist to also be a potent EDM producer, but then again, there’s nothing much conventional about MOODY. Also going by the Manifesto moniker, MOODY just released his latest single “Tu Suenos,” and is now following it up today with a club-ready visualizer video that really helps bring the song to life. The video helps contextualize the song, helping show that it’s one of those jams you expect to hear at any dance club you attend. The track has a dreamy element to it too, skillfully showcasing MOODY’s very capable production work, his originality as a producer, and his willingness to work different sounds into the song, including his virtuoso violin playing, to go along with the synths, dark techno beats, and passionate ambiance.

The violin has been a huge part of MOODY’s life ever since he first started playing it at the age of five. Then came his first set of turntables at the age of 11 and the man born Carlton W. Moody Jr. had found his calling in life. When he started to grow up and showed more responsibility, his father gave his recording studio to MOODY where the latter honed his production skills through countless hours of experimentation.

Now here he is, over 20 years later combining his violin with post-modern production techniques and technology. He has been consistently releasing music over the last few years and arrives in 2023 excited by what possibilities lay ahead. As an artist, he is continuing to evolve and within that evolution, MOODY is encouraged and motivated to share that with you, the listener. With its optimistic tone and message, he accomplishes his task of making you move, or at the very least, feeling some sense of motivation and free-spiritedness.

In addition to the premiere of the “Tu Suenos” video, we chatted with MOODY about the creation of the clip, making it mostly on his own, and his general views about videos in general.

Who directed the video?

MOODY: “I wrote, directed, and edited the entire video and concept.”

What’s the concept behind the video? Help us to understand the video’s concept in more detail and how it ties into the lyrics.

“The song is about ‘never giving up on your dreams,’ so the idea is to have a dreamy-like quality to the video. The distorted images of the girl dancing is the same way I feel dreams are. Disjointed and not conceptually straightforward.”

Where was it made?

“It was made in my studio in my home in Las Vegas.”

What was your favourite part behind the creation of the “Tu Suenos” video?

“Having the chance to use the data smasher app and tweaking a lot of the distortion components.”

Artwork for the single “Tue Suenos” by MOODY

If you could get one guest to be in one of your videos, who would it be? Why?

Christopher Walken because he is an OG Legend.”

Which band or artist do you think had the greatest music videos?

Bjork. Her style and brilliance were so underrated. Music videos from the ’90s were so ahead of their time.”

What should a music video set out to accomplish? Do you feel like this video did that?

“To convey the thought or mood of the song. As long as it vibes the same as the song. I feel like mine did just that. It felt like a dream.”

What is one thing you absolutely refuse to do for a video that everyone else seems to be more than happy doing?

“Party scenes and throwing money in the air. Most of the time these things are in the same shot too (laughs). There are so many beautiful concepts and ideas to share. Just seems like everyone is putting out the same shit over and over again. Do we blame the creator or do we blame the society for wanting the same thing?”

What’s your favourite thing about music videos?

“To convey the other part of the song idea you cannot explain through the music and song itself. The whole thing, both visually and sonically are one idea together.”

Have you ever had such a great idea for a music video that you’ve written music for it?

“Yes, I have an upcoming release that deals with emotions and deep relationships that the song was built around the initial music video concept first.”

Is a well-made DIY video just as good or beneficial as a professionally made/directed video?

“Yes, absolutely. As long as the visual is compelling. The idea and execution are all that matter. Art is not measured by budget or skill. It is measured by passion.”

How much of your new video was self-made?

“Ninety-eight percent of my video was self-made other than the stock video footage I purchased to use in the video. I took the raw footage, sent it through the data smasher app, then imported each clip into my video editor. Then processed it with cuts to match the song beat. Then I re-processed through the data smasher app in different parameters. Next, I overlaid and edited again with new timing. Then changed the entire project to grayscale and added titles and effects and then I finished the project. It took about 60 hours in total. It was a lot of work but so worth it.”

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