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Roadrunner United Gets Vinyl Release as Part of March Reissue

Roadrunner United the project created to celebrate 25 years of the seminal label is set to get a reissue and vinyl release in March.



Roadrunner United, a project pulled together by iconic hard rock record label Roadrunner Records to celebrate its 25th anniversary, culminating in the US Billboard Top 200, UK Official Albums and Australian ARIA Albums-charting original, The All Star Sessions is to see a reissue in March 2023.

The concept saw four ‘team captains’ (Slipknot’s Joey Jordison, Machine Head’s Robb Flynn, Fear Factory’s Dino Cazares and Trivium’s Matthew K. Heafy) lead 57 artists from 45 past-and-present Roadrunner bands.

Now you can watch the video for “(sic)” live from that amazing night, which features Slipknot’s Corey Taylor and Scott Ian of Anthrax.

MTV labelled the release “a testament to Roadrunner’s far-reaching impact on the genre”.

Scott Ian confesses:

“It was incredible to be part of a lineup of such insanely heavy hitters. WOW! And to have had the opportunity to play with Joey and Paul that night, with Corey singing – definitely a Make-A-Wish moment for me.”

The star-studded event featured multiple musicians, both past and present, from Roadrunner bands – plus guest musicians that did not originally perform on the All-Star Sessions album.

The set list consisted of some of the most popular and famous songs released by Roadrunner Records, as well as some of the original songs from the project’s album. The “core band,” which performed on the majority of the songs, consisted of the aforementioned Cazares (Fear Factory), Adam Duce (now ex-Machine Head), the late Paul Gray (Slipknot), the late Joey Jordison (Slipknot, Murderdolls), Andreas Kisser (Sepultura), and Roy Mayorga (Stone Sour, Hellyeah).

Now, both the original All-Star Sessions album and the concert performance itself will be made widely available in multiple configurations on 10th March 2023. Pre-orders for the concert album, which will be available on vinyl, CD, digitally, and presented in HD for the first time, are now available here.

Roadrunner United: The Concert Track Listing:


Biohazard – “Punishment”
Madball – “Set It Off”
Stormtroopers Of Death – “March Of The S.O.D.”
Life Of Agony – “River Runs Red”
Obituary – “The End Complete”


Mercyful Fate – “Curse Of The Pharaohs”
King Diamond – “Abigail”
Annihilator – “Alison Hell”
Deicide – “Dead By Dawn”


Trivium – “Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr”
Killswitch Engage – “My Last Serenade”
Chimaira – “Pure Hatred”
Fear Factory – “Replica”


Type O Negative – “Black No. 1”
Roadrunner United – “Tired ‘N Lonely”
Stone Sour – “Brother”
Roadrunner United – “The Rich Man”


Roadrunner United – “The Dagger”
Roadrunner United – “The End”
Soulfly – “Eye For An Eye”
Sepultura – “Refuse/Resist”


Slipknot – “Surfacing”
Machine Head – “Davidian”
Slipknot – “(sic)”
Sepultura – “Roots Bloody Roots”

Roadrunner United: The All Star Sessions CD Track-Listing

1. “The Dagger”
2. “The Enemy”
3. “Annihilation By The Hands of God”
4. “In The Fire”
5. “The End”
6. “Tired ’N Lonely”
7. “Independent (Voice Of The Voiceless)”
8. “Dawn Of A Golden Age”
9. “The Rich Man”
10. “No Way Out”
11. “Baptized In The Redemption”
12. “Roads”
13. “Blood & Flames”
14. “Constitution Down”
15. “I Don’t Wanna Be (A Superhero)”
16. “Army Of The Sun”
17. “No Más Control”
18. “Enemy Of The State”

Artwork for Roadrunner United – The Concert

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