Nick Patyk is a New Jersey-based songwriter with a knack for blending contemporary pop, blues and rock into a styling completely his own. His newest single, “Cloud 11,” demonstrates that blend perfectly.

The instrumentation is a driving under-bed of skillful blues guitar riffs, rich with emotion and feel. Vocally, Nick’s Mayer-esque delivery wears well on the otherwise high-energy track to create a pleasant balance of fast yet comfortable.

In his words:

“‘Cloud 11’ is a song about finding a great love and holding on tight when you do.”

“Cloud 11” serves as the first single release from Nick Patyk in 2023, following his 2022 single “To the Boy In Me”—which was a thoughtfully heartfelt predecessor. We’ll look forward to what comes next, but until then, listen to “Cloud 11” on Spotify here or wherever you stream your music.