Toronto psych-rock duo Kali Horse (formerly Kaleidoscope Horse) has just debuted their new single and music video, “In The Water.” Members Sam and Des have been best friends for a decade and have been making music together for seven years under different names; they are a huge part of the Toronto music community.

The twosome comment on the news, stating:

“We wrote this song with a simple in-the-box beat, pressed play on Sam’s looper. Des decided to freestyle vocal to remove her from her overthinking and allowed the channel to be open. Sometimes on three, sometimes on four, but for whatever reason, there was conviction behind the vocal entries. No guitar was decided early on, straying from original form.”

They continue:

“‘In The Water’ is Kali Horse’s foray into our personal unknown. A mixture of the dripping of a faucet digitally tuned to its unusual key and beats inspired an exploration of how analog recording and digital music coexist. The vocal harmonies ripple, the way aquatic movement is constantly reacting to itself. The driving rhythms and sirens’ call are both inviting and foreboding. The lyrics repeat like echoes in a chamber taking on new meaning. ‘Don’t ask if you will ever change’ might seem pessimistic at first, but the underlying thought is not to worry – of course you will.”

Tour Dates 2023:

Jan 7 – The Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto ON
March 9-11 – The New Colossus, NYC NY

Artwork for the single “In The Water” by Kali Horse

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