You missed out if you weren’t at the Chelsea Cutler show when she rolled into Tulsa, OK and brought her “When I Close my Eyes” tour to Cain’s Ballroom. She was sick at the time, but that didn’t stop her from bringing what felt like her A-game. The night was filled with heartfelt songs and music that got you on your toes. One of my favourite things about her music is just how heart emotional and genuine it feels—the night had this in spades.

The show also had an amazing lighting setup. Whoever handles their lighting design should deserve an award, especially for the song “Your shirt.” There was just something special about how the music and visuals intertwined during that song.

Another really cool moment from that night is that during her hit song “Crazier Things,” she actually brought out a fan from the front row to assist. It was a wonderful and memorable moment. So be prepared if you’re at a Chelsea Cutler gig; you might even get brought up on stage to duet with her.

Bottom line is you’re missing out if you don’t see her live when she comes through your neck of the woods. She played everything from old to new, so you won’t be disappointed if you love anything from her slower songs to her more fist-pumping anthems.