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Taylor Young Band Premiere the Video for Their Harmonious New Single “Belong Together”

Positivity, acceptance and togetherness are at the forefront of Taylor Young Band’s new single “Belong Together.” Check out the music video premiere today!



Unity and division. It’s like a constant society-wide tug of war that never seems to even pause for a breather. For everyone out there who’s working to unite us, another is trying to stoke the flames of division. You can place Taylor Young Band firmly in the former category, a musical entity intent on promoting positivity, acceptance and togetherness. It’s the topic of the group’s new single “Belong Together” and its accompanying music video.

When there is disconnect and divisiveness, it’s important to be open-minded and act as an agent of change and togetherness. In Young’s view, we’re all on the journey of life together, and we have to help each other find our own place of comfort and belonging.

Discussing the video and its significance, Young shares:

“The video is about people finding their people. We need human connection to survive. And no matter who you are or where you find yourself, there are people out there who will understand you. Be there for you. Seek them out, and hold on tight when you find them. It’s all we really have.”

This theme and value of connectivity became all the more important to Young and his bandmates in light of the experience we have all shared, navigating our way through the global pandemic. As a more normal world returned, Young became very much focused on the future, excited by the possibilities and opportunities that a post-pandemic world may present. He became increasingly reassured in the belief that human connection is the key to getting through the most difficult of times.

As they have moved on since the release of their 2020 debut album Mercury Transit, Young and his bandmates are feeling refreshed and revamped, fueled by new ideas, new instruments, and new musical arrangements. With a new album and tour expected by next summer, Young is riding a massive wave of creativity and optimism.

Tour Dates:

10/14 – Dallas, TX @ State Fair of Texas (Chevrolet Main Stage)
10/15 – Dallas, TX @ Granada Theater
11/10 – San Antonio, TX @ The Rustic
11/12 – Austin, TX @ Long Play Lounge East

Artwork for the single “Belong Together” by Taylor Young Band