Spaces of Disappearance, the solo electro-pop project of Elaine Davis, is releasing their new EP Virtue on November 4th—and it’s an explorative collection of songs that reflect and react to the wild ride of the last few years.

Refreshingly, each track off the EP brings a new flavor—from the deeply hitting lead single “Bad Things” that Elaine describes as “an ode to post-pandemic pleasures”, to the hauntingly addictive melodic pace of the closing track “When A House Is Not A Home”.

Elaine describes Virtue as:

“addressing the nature of pleasure, fun, and the differing views held within the societies of what was considered virtuous behavior during those strange pandemic times.”

Space of Disappearance continues to carve out a nice space for itself in the world of electro-pop—the industrial tinted feel, mixed with memorable melodic themes is a combination that wears well and keeps you engaged.

Listen to the latest singles “Bad Things” & “Plastic Fun” now—and be ready for the full EP on November 4th.