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Purely Provocative: Vancouver’s Lozen on Everything from Tarot to Tantric Sex

For our latest Purely Provocative interview, we spoke with Vancouver-based artist Lozen about sex, drugs, God, and near-death experiences.



As a young musician trying to find her way, Lozen isn’t much for categorization. The Vancouver-based artist has spent the better part of this year working on new tunes, some of which she unveiled to the world in June with the debut of her new single “Something Bout Chu.” This will be followed by a new album, which she worked on alongside award-winning producer DJ Kemo, who is best known for producing the Kardinal Offishal mega-hit “Dangerous,” which featured Akon.

Originally from Quebec, Lozen balks at the game of musical categorization we so naturally engage in when we hear new music. She looks to many genres and subgenres for inspiration, some of which include trippy R&B, jazz-influenced ballads, vintage, old-school era hip-hop, and electronic music. Lozen is a former battle rapper and radio DJ, based in the ski town of Whistler, BC. When living in such an active, lively party town became too much for her, she decided to refocus on her own musical career, which prompted a move to the more peaceful atmosphere of Squamish, BC where she could indulge in her creativity without the distraction and allure of the party scene.

We recently caught up with Lozen to get to know another side of her. For our latest Purely Provocative, we spoke to the artist about life outside of music, including sex, God, drugs, near-death experiences and more.

Most times you’ve had sex in “one sitting?”

Lozen: “Have you ever heard of tantric sex? That’s what’s up. I’ve only ever shared that type of connection with one soul before. It wasn’t a ‘one hit wonder’ type scenario either. Every time we reunited was pure magic. The deep intimacy we shared, the desire and stamina were beyond anything imaginable; it was a spiritual experience.

“We’d make love for hours. It was almost as though time didn’t exist, we were the only people in the world, and the only thing that mattered in that moment was us. To be honest, it’s probably the most vulnerable I’ve ever been with anyone. Sure, I’ve gone through the motions with others before, but nothing has ever compared. Fully giving myself to someone, that takes trust. It’s an act of total surrender.”

“Falling in love. It’s kind of like falling out of an airplane with no parachute.”

What scares the absolute shit out of you?

“Falling in love. It’s kind of like falling out of an airplane with no parachute. Maybe your person feels the same way, but unless you take that leap of faith, you’ll never know. I’d rather take a chance than never open myself up to the miraculous powers of love. If you both open your hearts to each other, you can fly together. Only time will tell.”

Lozen holding up “The Witch” tarot card

Does God exist; why yes/no/who the fuck cares?

“I think that word has a lot of people really wadded up. I’m cool with God; I believe all sentient beings on the planet are Gods and Goddesses (or whatever alphabet soup deity they choose to identify with). Cultures around the world call it different things, source, prana, chi, life-force, but as Shakespeare said, ‘a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.’

“If you talk to the universe like it’s a friend, and it is, your best friend, you’ll be amazed at the insight and amount of ‘aha moments’ you can have. I ask it for signs all the time, and the messages I receive blow my mind.

“If you talk to the universe like it’s a friend, and it is, your best friend, you’ll be amazed at the insight and amount of ‘aha moments’ you can have.”

“Don’t take my word for it, though; test it out for yourself. Ask it a question and be specific. For example: does this person love me? Is this apartment my next best move? Will this work partnership be beneficial? Now comes the fun part. Choose your sign. Maybe it’s a lion, or a hummingbird, or a lollipop; choose something that makes sense for you and don’t think about it too hard. Then wait. By that, I mean, let it go.

“Have you ever ordered dinner, and you’re just waiting for it to come, and you get all antsy, it feels like it’s taking forever, then you decide to go the bathroom, and when you get back, it’s already on the table? Trust that your answer will come as soon as you allow it, and it will happen in so many ways. Maybe you see it on a magazine cover, or a statue, or a company logo, or it comes through a song, a TV show, a text message; the possibilities are endless.”

Artwork for the single “Something Bout Chu” by Lozen

Describe your wildest drug experience.

“I took LSD alone with the intention of connecting with my spirit guides and ancestors. I was meditating as I was looking at the reflection of my face in the mirror, and it began to shapeshift. It was as though I could see various incarnations I had taken in different lifetimes. The spirit of ‘Lozen,’ the warrior and prophet of the Chiricahua Apache, came through very strongly. The message I got was that yes, I am me, Meaghan Mullaly, but I’m also everything I was before and everything that I will be, and time isn’t linear. It’s all happening now.

“So, I’m channelling all these insights and then suddenly, I disappear. Legit. I’m looking into the mirror, but I’m no longer there. I have no reflection. I see my room and the space, but my physical body isn’t there anymore. I vaporized, but my consciousness was still present. Then I realized I was everything; everything was me. Oneness. God in drag sort of speak. I felt this tremendous feeling of unconditional love pour over me. It was total bliss. When I came back, I couldn’t stop crying, but it was tears of joy.”

“If things go sideways, I tend to beat up on myself.”

Who is the biggest asshole you ever met, and why?

“That’s easy. Me, myself, and I. As Zen as I am, I can be hard on myself. I think it’s because I’m so aware that I am the only person responsible for my life. The accountability is all on me. Essentially, everyone else is off the hook. If things go sideways, I tend to beat up on myself. My mom brought this to my attention. My self-talk. She’d say, ‘would you talk to your best friend like that?’ That really hit home.”

What’s the creepiest thing a fan has ever done to you/creepiest encounter with a fan?

“I showed up to a gig, and the manager on duty said, ‘Lozen, we have mail for you.’ It ended up being a prison letter from someone I had never met before. I have to say; I was a little creeped out. I mean, he was very kind and didn’t say anything offensive, but he did mention ‘being out soon.’”

“I’m a total mystic. I work with physical divination tools as well. I carried a crystal pendulum in my pocket for a while.”

If you weren’t a musician or totally in love with your job, you’d be…

“A shaman. I’m very much in tune with other realms. My interest in the spirit world was apparent at a very young age. I would tell my father about the wild dreams I was having. He started giving me stuff to read about practices I could use to induce lucidity. For those who aren’t familiar, that’s when you’re in a dream but also aware that you’re dreaming. It was kind of a game changer for me.

“I’m a total mystic. I work with physical divination tools as well. I carried a crystal pendulum in my pocket for a while. Lately, I’ve been drawn back into the art of Tarot. I believe we all have psychic abilities; it’s just a matter of focus and intention.”

Samples of some of Lozen’s scribblings

What is your stance on the legalization of marijuana?

“I’m an advocate for plant medicine. I’m also a vegan, but you do you, boo. We have so much to learn from nature. We’re a part of it. We are inextricably connected. The legalization aspect, in my opinion, just comes down to a lot of red tape and bureaucratic BS.”

Tell us about the worst lie you ever told someone.

“In the heat of a childhood tantrum, I told my mom I hated her and that I wished she was dead. I remember feeling so terrible after, almost as the words were coming out of my mouth. I didn’t mean what I was saying, it was just an emotional outburst, but words have power. I went to my room, and I had this huge lump in my throat. It was tight, strained, almost as if it was closing. I ran to her and apologized for my behaviour, explaining that what I said wasn’t true. She was so compassionate. She just held me in her arms and soothed me.

“I’m an advocate for plant medicine. I’m also a vegan, but you do you, boo.”

“It is interesting because now I recognize that our bodies can manifest physical symptoms as a form of guidance. Kind of like a red flag, telling us to pay attention. When I’m not being completely honest with myself or with others, I get a warning. I would compare this to Pinocchio with the nose, but it’s internal.

“This situation was easy for me to decipher the cause and effect, whereas others can be more elusive. When I struggle to express my truth, or feel unheard, or am having blocks in communication with someone, my voice will be affected. It will become hoarse, raspy, and sometimes I will lose it altogether. Have I mentioned that I’m an empath? I feel it all. I’m very sensitive to energy.”

Any near-death experiences?

“I’ve had several. Accidents, illnesses, overdoses, etc. There are probably many more that I’m just unaware of. A lot of them were wake-up calls, to be honest, and I get the sense that I was protected because it wasn’t my time to go yet. In dreamtime, I’ve gone through the actual death experience as well, having my soul leave my physical body. This is in various incarnations, places, and times in history as well as one that could be considered a premonition.

“I was driving on the sea to sky highway, a route that I’ve taken often. I was talking to an angel, but it was telepathic. I remember reciting ‘as I walk through the valley of the shadow of death’ and having this feeling like I needed to pull over.

“The next thing I remember was that I was looking at myself but from a bird’s eye view. I saw an ambulance and all these people huddled around. I knew that I had died. The feeling was familiar. It was strange because I wasn’t sad; there was a tremendous sense of relief. Expansion. All the things that I worried about just didn’t matter anymore.

“We don’t have to wait to die to realize these things. You are a badass magical being, and you get to choose the life you live. You get to choose your adventure.”

“At the end of the day, we’re all going to the same place. Back to where we came from. But that doesn’t mean this life should be taken for granted. People grow a lot when faced with their own mortality. Often people on their death beds will talk more about regrets than things they’ve done.

“Wishing they had the courage to live a life that was true to themselves, wishing they didn’t work so hard, wishing they had the courage to express their true feelings, wishing they had stayed in touch with friends, wishing they had let themselves be happier.

“We don’t have to wait to die to realize these things. You are a badass magical being, and you get to choose the life you live. You get to choose your adventure. But remember, all that glitters is not gold. Choose wisely, from a place of love, honesty, and radical self-acceptance.”

Lozen by Lozen, a self-portrait

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