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Hoodie Allen (w/ Belaganas) Throws a Perfect Party at Philadelphia’s The Foundry [Photos]

Hoodie Allen recently hit The Foundry in Philadelphia, PA, with openers Belaganas and what a party it was! Coverage by Heather Krut.



A Hoodie Allen concert feels more like a party than a live show. You know, any time an artist walks out on stage donning sunglasses, it will be a guaranteed fun time. Much like his latest pop-punk single, “Call Me Never.”

He proved this to us repeatedly throughout the night. For instance, he curated a live dating show with audience members. The male contestant would ask the female contestants Hoodie Allen-related questions. Whichever one he didn’t choose would get a cake to the face. Spoiler alert: both got a cake to the face because what’s a party without a little chaos?

You wouldn’t have known it, but the Philadelphia stop at The Foundry was only Hoodie’s third performance recently. He said he hadn’t been on the road in years. Hoodie claimed that Philly had so far been the loudest and most fun show. This was something the opening band, Belaganas, echoed during their set. A hip-hop band that intersects with pop-rock, a pop-rap band, if you will. They helped set the tone for the night and plowed through energy like they would lose it. Utilizing the entirety of the stage area, Belaganas were running and jumping from edge to edge. Multiple members even took the opportunity to jump into the pit to run about.

This energy was carried into Hoodie’s set and was amplified by the artist. He kept a playful attitude on stage while joking and interacting with the crowd. At one point, someone handed him a cellphone to take a photo or video, for which he complied. In doing all this – he began running out of time to get to every song he had planned but didn’t let that stop him.

He made it all happen by quickly running through the instructions on how he would crowd surf from the stage to the bar and back via his inflatable raft. All in the name of a shot of fireball. Fireball that he asked for and then questioned upon returning to the stage. During the next song, at least two dozen black balloons were unleashed into the crowd. Which got beaten up being tossed from one end of the crowd to the other. The encore came quickly after, in which he closed the set with the much anticipated “No Interruption” (No ‘S’ on that – as Hoodie Allen had corrected Contestant #2 earlier in the night).

Highly recommend checking out Hoodie Allen and Belaganas if they are in your neighbourhood and you enjoy a fun performance. See them either together or separately. They are both currently on tour through the end of August 2022. LØLØ will join Hoodie at the stops in Oakland, Cali, Los Angeles, CA, and Phoenix, AZ.