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Premiere: CANTERVICE Inspire Action with Their “Doomsday” Music Video

CANTERVICE premieres the video for their new single “Doomsday,” a song focusing on the chaos of a post-modern dystopian society.



Some would argue that doomsday already has arrived, or did many moons ago, but we can also confirm that it’s here now with CANTERVICE’s brand new single “Doomsday.” Equipped with a blazing new performance video, it speaks to the tone and the pace at which the band is moving these days. This is a very efficient and productive period for them, and that energy and aggressiveness are widely on display here, with a hard-hitting single that pulls no punches in its commentary on the volatility of modern society.

The song itself is representative of CANTERVICE’s concept-based approach to their music, a jam that focuses on the chaos of a postmodern dystopian society. It’s a rise and a cry to listeners, to gather, unite, and stand up to a system that’s designed to keep us all down and keep us under control.

Speaking on the importance of this song, the band state:

“With ‘Doomsday’ came a lot of self-discovery as to where CANTERVICE is going, both sonically and lyrically. Continuing the trend from ‘The Machine,’ the literature of CANTERVICE is certainly becoming more direct and belligerent, reflecting the rising tensions and increased level of tribalism in our society. Our previous followers will find a lot to love here but the track does open a few new doors.

“The writing has been stepped up exponentially and we expanded our sonic capabilities by bringing on none other the renowned engineer/producer Cameron Mizell (Memphis May Fire, Sleeping With Sirens). The song itself holds a strong ‘light the fire’ motif, which is rather interconnected with everything involving CANTERVICE at this current time. We are moving quickly, and we hope to continue expanding our collective as we win the minds of others.”

The release of “Doomsday” is the band’s first for their new record label FiXT. As this song would suggest, CANTERVICE utilize a concept-based approach to their songwriting, with the intent to inspire curiosity in listeners who are open-minded when it comes to asking questions about the government, society, and technology.

Originally intended to be the solo project of musician Robert Matlock, the band really began to take on a life of its own last summer when he altered his approach and began really developing the project. When ambition began to exceed his own perceived capabilities, Matlock brought in a superb supporting cast of drummer Tim Walker, guitarist Kris Smith, and bassist Eric Knighton.

This is daring music meant to be big and bold and CANTERVICE would be so glad as to have you join the coming rebellion.

Artwork for the single “Doomsday” by CANTERVICE