The Frst is back today, and they’ve brought along a couple of friends to join them for the occasion. Today, we are helping to unveil the Nashville outfit’s brand new music video for “Geronimo,” featuring both the talents of Just a Ride and English up-and-comers Solcura. The song is the band’s attempt to raise some awareness regarding the issue of mental health. The unfortunate passing of The Frst’s longtime roadie and guitar tech almost derailed the completion of the song, but it actually ended up really kickstarting the whole process, since finishing the track was now being championed in his honour.

The recording of “Geronimo” was a truly global effort, with band leader Mikei Gray recording the drums, guitars, bass, and vocals in his Nashville studio. The track was then shipped off across the ocean to Just a Ride who added additional vocals, layering the song with some dynamic harmonies that really bring it to life. It was all done within a matter of a couple of days, a rapidly fast process for a virtual collaboration done thousands of miles apart.

Commenting on the song and video, the band says:

“‘Geronimo’ is very obviously an emotionally charged song; it’s dedicated to our roadie Josh B who committed suicide a few months ago which is why all the proceeds are going to mental health charities. For that very reason though, (and also because Josh was the most hilarious one of the group), we wanted to pay homage with exactly the kind of bat-shit-crazy ridiculous video he would’ve pushed us to do.

“The ‘Geronimo’ video was definitely one of the more difficult videos to, er… act out (laughs). If not for the music, I’d recommend watching until the end for the plot line and development of these characters. (laughs)

“Seriously though, thanks for rocking with us, and remember there’s always someone to talk to when you need help. We’re all really strange, and you’re not alone. Now just go be YOU!”

The Frst has really enjoyed some steady and productive success since they first formed five years ago. As songwriters, they keep things relatively simple, honest, and down-to-earth, an approach that really resonates with the band’s dedicated fanbase. Their M.O. as a unit is to use music as a means of uniting people together in celebration of something they can all enjoy.

You may come from very different walks of life, but when it comes to sharing a musical experience, people become brothers and sisters, and nothing can top that joining together. Music has those special restorative ingredients that conjure up that magical way of healing people, and isn’t it nice that we can all unify under the guise of that pursuit?

Artwork for the single “Geronimo” (feat. Just a Ride & Solcura) by The Frst