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meadowhip Proves Love Can Be “Iconic” Even if it’s Messy

There’s something so inviting about Australian-born R&B singer meadowhip’s voice and sultry style. Hear the new track “Iconic.”



There’s something so inviting about Australian-born R&B singer meadowhip’s voice and sultry style. Drawing in listeners with laidback ethereal instrumentation, Cara Walkam, the frontwoman of meadowhip, graces fans with a recently released track about her relationship called “Iconic.”

Straying from the usual track on love, Walkam opts for a realistic glimpse into what a relationship looks like. “I’ve been thinking about how neither my partner nor myself have ever managed to exercise any real control over our lives, and about how immature and distracted and unhinged we both are,” she explains. “And how we’ve still managed to cobble together a super solid, delicious relationship.”

Despite the inherent imperfection, Walkam admits too, it’s that same imperfection which lends the two to be such an iconic coupling. Without the mess of their lives and the traumas on top of it all, there wouldn’t be such brilliance between them.

The track’s instrumentation seems to intentionally work in favour of the song’s dreamy splendour. With velvety melodies and a soulful hook, Walkam cultivates warmth into her poetic lyricism. “We’re just so iconic, honey” she sings with palpable yet approachable tenderness. Thinking of every detail to pay homage to what a jazzy romantic ballad requires, the track concludes with a swoon-worthy trumpet solo from Sydney’s Tommy Gun. “Iconic” is the first single to come out in anticipation of her debut EP Ruckus set to release late 2022. “To me, being an iconic couple means being unique and distinctive as individuals, and being extraordinary as a pair.”

Cover art for “Iconic” by meadowhip

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