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Mythraeum Take Gold at Wacken Metal Battle USA 2022 Finals

San Diego black metal crew, Mythraeum have taken home the gold medal at this year’s Wacken Metal Battle USA finals.



San Diego black metal crew, Mythraeum have taken home the gold medal at this year’s Wacken Metal Battle USA finals. Months of battles have resulted in one victor and this lucky winner will now be heading to Wacken Open Air (taking place from August 4th-6th) along with the other gold medalists from various countries around the world to see who’ll be knight this year’s global winner.

The 2022 U.S. final was judged by Cameron Webb (Grammy Award-winning Producer/Engineer for Motorhead/Megadeth), Rod Kukla (Silver Lining Music), Charles Elliott (Abysmal Dawn/Product Manager Nuclear Blast USA), and Eric Dow (Wacken Metal Battle USA, Fatal Illness Management, Helsott).

Commenting on the event and finals, Eric Dow states:

“Where to start?… First off I just want to thank everyone who came out to any of the battles this year. Your support means the world to us. Right before Covid hit we were running stronger than we had ever been. I was so proud of the momentum we had and the battle we had all built. After missing 2 years due to Covid I didn’t know what to expect. I figured we would be rebuilding this battle from the ground up. Luckily I was so wrong.

“The support we received this year culminated in the best turnout at the National Final we have ever had. Each judge was on point and had a different band they liked the best. No blowout like in the previous years. This battle was decided by TWO points! That’s how these things should work. I want to thank Charles Elliott, Cameron Webb, and Rod Kukla for taking on the task of judging this most important of battles. I want to thank Sascha and everyone involved with the Wacken Metal Battle around the world.

“Every band last night killed it. To: Pitch Black Mass, Phantom Witch, Donella Drive, The Stage of Dreams, and Our Dying World… You all did everything that was expected of you and you should not feel bad about not coming in 1st place. You are all winners in your own way and should be extremely proud of yourselves. Only up from here and I will be watching your journey. Cheers!

“Finally, congrats to Mythraeum. Well earned and well-deserved victory. You edged out the best of the best and should be proud. This final battle was intense. You could feel it in the room. Go to Germany and make USA proud!”

On hiatus for two years thanks to that stupid spore, Wacken Metal Battle USA made its triumphant return to the U.S. in January and from then through April, 100+ bands duked it out for their chance to play at the National Finals. Well, the six finalists have now been chosen, and they’ll convene at The Viper Room in Los Angeles on May 7th for their chance to take home the gold and win the opportunity to perform at the world’s largest metal festival, Wacken Open Air!

The finalists include Our Dying World (LA winner), The Stage of Dreams (Ohio winner), Mythraeum (San Diego winner), Donella Drive (Texas winner), Phantom Witch (Bay Area winner), and Pitch Black Mass (pacific northwest).

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