Welcome to the world of Doodseskader (“death squad”), a duo consisting of friends Tim De Gieter (Amenra, Every Stranger Looks Like You) and Sigfried Burroughs (Kapitan Korsakov, The K.), who meld elements of sludge, metal, ’90s grunge, and hip-hop, into their own devilishly good sound. Today, the band debuts their single and music video, “Still Haven’t Killed Myself,” which is out via Berlin label Isolation Records.

Speaking of the song and its backstory, Tim De Gieter shares:

“When we started discussing the idea of releasing ‘non-album’ singles it kind of dawned upon me that this could be an excellent way to really be free artistically since the songs didn’t have to fit in with a whole or compete against each other. I had the blueprint for what would become ‘Still Haven’t Killed Myself’ in a corner of my hard drive where all the songs go that are too weird or too uncomfortable for me to put out.

“‘SHKMS’ definitely was one of the latter; it was a very spontaneous outburst of anger and disappointment and when I listened back a couple of days later it almost felt too raw and honest to actually share it with the world. I told Sigfried about it, he gave it a listen, was instantly sold and a couple of weeks later we were recording the final version in the studio. ‘SHKMS’ is as visceral as it gets. It’s a page from my journal that I’d rather have burned than shared.”

Enjoy the tune and get amped for the group’s second album to drop in 2022, plus several singles and shows across Europe.

Artwork for the single “Still Haven’t Killed Myself” by Doodseskader

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