The power struggle of life is always ongoing. The pushing and pulling are relentless, and it’s even going on when we don’t even realize it. Freedom is the ultimate goal, and Gabriella Marinaro has got it directly in focus on her brand new single “Goodnight Moon.” It’s the first track to be revealed from the singer’s debut EP, Inner Space, which will be released on May 6th. The song is a representation of one’s personal reaction to letting someone close to you know that it’s over. But rather than sorrow, you react with relief and even satisfaction.

With respect to “Goodnight Moon,” Marinaro succinctly tells us:

“This song reflects the triumphant feeling of freeing yourself from toxicity and regaining your individualism and freedom. When you let that person know you are no longer happy and that you know it’s over, you take back your power.”

As the first batch of songs to be released from Marinaro, the EP is heavy with poignant lyrical themes about empowerment meant to challenge the societal conventions that have suppressed women’s artistic creativity for far too long. The music business has long since been male-dominated, and it has very much been to the detriment of women and their place within the industry. Marinaro is acknowledging this lack of respect and speaking out, not only for herself but also for her female counterparts who are trying to find their way.

New to the music scene, the Los Angeles-based Marinaro has been hard at work creating her own distinctive sound, defined by her natural, free-flowing vocals that are nicely supported by catchy beats, and original sampling. In recording Inner Space, she has found valuable support in producer Stefan Skarbek who used to produce for Amy Winehouse. Marinaro is intent on being an accurate, exciting representation of a modern woman and inspiring her listeners who themselves are trying to find their own voice.

Upcoming Show Date:

04/14 – Bar Lubitsch – Los Angeles, CA (We Found New Music showcase/single release show)

Artwork for the single “Goodnight Moon” by Gabriella Marinaro
Artwork for the EP ‘Inner Space’ by Gabriella Marinaro