Wisconsin-born singer-songwriter Jacob Miller sets a timeless, introspective tone for his upcoming album Around My Head released on March 18. Bringing about feelings of nostalgia and comfort, Around My Head serves as an open-ended response to the questions of daily life that surround all of us. Between the silky vocals and the rhythmic guitar, Miller utilizes a poetic stream of consciousness to draw in listeners.

The character at hand is reflecting lightheartedly on a lover of the past, not necessarily with intense yearning but with genuine curiosity and tenderness. In this way, Miller encapsulates the simplicity of connecting with someone and feeling the loss on a myopic level, which is to say, holding on to the small things. “Do you look for the moon between the trees,” he sings in the title track, “while you hum sweet melodies?” This reflective lyricism which Miller is known for brings about an organic sense of introspection within the listener, as he invites us to examine ideas of personal growth and acceptance when it comes to love or new beginnings. The album features 9 songs including already released tracks “Leave,” “Lonely Nights,” and “It’s You I Like.”

The album is titled Around My Head because, as Miller explains, “it expresses this visual idea of relationships, hardship, learning, etc. constantly circling my mind.” Nevertheless, “when you pull back and look at the big picture you see these things that seem so large and dominating personally are actually very minimal or almost irrelevant in the grand scheme of life.”

With a catchy candidness, the song affirms the darkness which can sometimes circle all of us while bringing to light the depth of the mundane. Around My Head, feels to me like a personal letter written to each respective listener. It is my hope that people can find themselves and their own story in between the folds of this record.”

Cover art for ‘Around My Head’ by Jacob Miller