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Discover Alt-Pop Singer-Songwriter Panteon Through Her Romantic ’Correspondence’

New York via Berlin-based alt-pop songwriter Panteon shares the video for her latest offering, the romantic ‘Correspondence’.



Following on from acclaimed single “Storyteller”, New York via Berlin alt-pop singer-songwriter Panteon returns with a brand new track, the serene “Correspondence”.

Living and working between New York and Berlin, Panteon is Yvonne Ambree who writes, records and produces her songs and is known for syncretic instrumentals, loamy vocals, and tender lyricism. Panteon’s most recent material, composed throughout our pandemic year, is as emotionally capacious as it is technically refined which can be heard as she premieres the video for her latest song.

On the theme of the song, Panteon explains: “‘Correspondence’ was written in early 2021. It was still cold outside and Berlin was in the middle of what seemed like a never-ending lockdown. The song describes the correspondence between two people that solemnly happens via written words and letters. There is something romantic about this approach of meeting somebody – getting a glimpse of the other person’s life through their style of writing and getting a feeling of being close even though there might be miles of distance in between.”

She goes on to add: “However often, even with people we know or are dear friends to us, communication leads to misunderstanding just simply because everybody reacts differently and different words trigger different things due to personal experiences and own projections. One minute you feel like you know somebody and the next minute you’re losing confidence if you really do know that person. I’m sure everybody has experienced it in one way or the other. It is easy to find excitement when meeting somebody new but it takes more effort to try and find that person on the other side when some things fall out of place. It’s easier to walk away and move inward to protect oneself but it takes so much more courage to move past any obstacles and find each other on the other side – with a stronger bond than before.”

“Correspondence” is the latest in a series of tracks shared one by one between November 2021 and March 2022, accompanied by stop-motion video and travel footage created by Panteon herself.

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