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Jestr Tease Their ‘The Dead & The Riches’ Album with Lead Single “Ghost of You” [Premiere]

Lafayette, Louisiana-based band JESTR tease the spiritual connections in their forthcoming album ‘The Dead & The Riches’ via the lead single “Ghost of You.”



The Dead & The Riches certainly makes for an appropriate title for a rock n’ roll record, but it’s no coincidence that it was the name chosen by JESTR. Based in Lafayette, Louisiana, the band’s name and M.O. was inspired by the powerful spiritual connections and experiences that frontman Brett Bradley had growing up as a youngster. That spiritual connection is all the more apparent with The Dead & The Riches and the record’s first single “Ghost of You.”

The feel and sound of the new song were heavily inspired by the alternative and punk rock that was such a staple of the early 2000s. The song has quickly become a fan favourite, and it’s no wonder since it really encompasses everything this quartet is and is trying to be.

With a brief word on the single, the band states:

“We are so insanely excited to share our new song ‘Ghost of You,’ this is one of our most favourite songs to play live and hopefully it’ll become of yours too! ‘Ghost of You’ is an energetic high point in our music that we couldn’t be more proud to share!”

Mythology, the paranormal, and spirituality are really what ties this band together, which is really not all that surprising given the fact that their home state of Louisiana is renowned for its few dozen deserted ghost towns. Initially devised as a solo project for Bradley towards the end of 2019, he soon expanded it to include other members and recording for a debut album had begun by late 2020. The Dead and Riches has a lot of charisma to it with different sounds and structures, ranging from heavy distortion to more delicate rhythms.

As a unit, JESTR has a penchant for exploring these dark themes, but also ensuring to do it with a light-heartedness. It makes The Dead & The Riches an enjoyable experience that’s not meant to be taken too seriously.

Artwork for the album ‘The Dead & Riches’ by Jestr