UK alt duo The Chronicles of Manimal And Samara are set to release their new single “The Prophet” on Friday, November 26th (with video to follow on December 2nd). A real animal of a song that draws from a slew of creative heavyweights like Tool and Devin Townsend, the track is a fine example of how well art and music blend into one.

This being the case, we spoke to the pair and had them pick out five acts and singers who have effortlessly made the crossover into other forms of music.

1. Jacob Bannon (Converge/Wear Your Wounds/Umbra Vitae)

Daphne: “Nothing beats the intensity of Jacob Bannon, whether it was in Converge, Wear Your Wounds or Umbra Vitae. I never wanted to sing like Jacob, but he always inspired me with this: If you want to say anything, let it out with your full intensity, give it your all, in your own way. In fact, I used to listen to Converge’s Petitioning the Empty Sky before I performed, when I was practising theatre. Always helped through those intense theatre scenes.”

2. Martin L Gore (Depeche Mode)

Daphne: “A true visionary in the way he married alternative rock, dance, and synth, solidified together with poignant lyrics that tugs at the bowel of your soul. Especially love Depeche Mode’s collaborations with several techno DJs, particularly Nicole Moudaber’s remix of ‘Cover Me’.”

3. Faith No More

Andrea: “What to say about Faith No More? They are one of my favourite bands, ever. They are also one of the most creative and diverse bands I’ve known. Mike Patton has one of the best voices ever heard in rock and metal as well in many other music genres since 1985.”

4. Molotov

Daphne: “Dónde Jugarán las Niñas – one of my favourite albums ever. An incredible and powerful sound from the heart of Mexico.”

5. Fear Factory

Daphne: “Fear Factory introduced me to techno through metal. Their album Demanufacture album changed my perspective on metal music. This album is a pure authentic jewel.”

Artwork for ‘The Prophet’ by The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara

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