Rising folk singer-songwriter Corey Kilgannon re-released an updated version of his charming homesick tune, “Florida Cowboy,” on November 19.

Kilgannon is joining forces with Elliot Smith to support his plans to sail around the world by himself in the Golden Globe race next year. Smith will be only using dated technology from the ’60s and earlier, truly embodying the song’s adventurous, courageous spirit. On November 20, Kilgannon will be attempting to run 40 miles barefoot on the beach to raise funds and awareness for Smith’s mission.

As the big day approaches, Kilgannon reminisces on his friendship with Smith. “I first met Elliot a few years ago in San Francisco in one of the toughest weeks of my life,” says Kilgannon. “He’s been a constant source of fun and adventure and a great friend.” The singer admits he’s worried about his dear friend who will be alone in the open ocean for nearly a year, but Smith’s mission is beyond day-to-day endurance. It’s about the true essence of the “Florida Man” – doing crazy, impossible things, just for the sake of doing them. Just like the words sung in “Florida Cowboy,” Smith is a lover of life and adventure, and nothing – not even the world – will stand in his way.

Fans are encouraged to visit flcowboy.com to learn more about Smith’s story, join Kilgannon’s barefoot run, and find ways to support his journey.

Cover art for “Florida Cowboy” by Corey Kilgannon