Colourful R&B singer-songwriter and producer ISY demonstrates what it means to take what you have and make something beautiful on her new single “Gucci Baggage” out October 8. Released alongside a heartfelt music video, this track delves into the full scope of emotions experienced throughout life’s inevitable – and sometimes extreme – ups and downs.

Characterized by an undeniably enticing chicness and glamour, the music video accompanying “Gucci Baggage” showcases ISY in her element as she makes appearances in a variety of gorgeous scenes throughout New York City. “The song started as a visual idea,” she says. “It’s sort of a chill acoustic deep-cut, very conversational. [She] felt the subject matter and story were important, but for [her], the video is the best thesis statement: taking what you’ve got and making it beautiful.”

Creative verses constructed from casual, yet complex, freestyles exude playfulness and create an irrefutably authentic element in ISY’s delivery. The Brooklyn-based artist relishes in the simple production of “Gucci Baggage,” using the project as an opportunity to highlight her clever lyricism and effortless melodic intricacies. ISY’s confidence and charisma manifest through creative vocal stylings throughout the track. From the depths of her soulful delivery to the decadent melismas embellishing an already beautiful melody, “Gucci Baggage” demonstrates the singer-songwriter’s substantial performance, writing, and production capabilities. In regards to the production of this track, ISY says that although “Gucci Baggage” is technically simple, it was one of the most challenging projects for her to complete. Despite minor challenges along the way, the artist undeniably struck gold with this melancholic bedroom pop anthem.

Borrowing from an eclectic mix of soundscapes, ISY is a prolific writer and producer who has performed regularly from an early age. She is an interactive and high-spirited performer, delivering her creations with great care. Her sound is informed by a broad range of genres, from the lyrical innovation of hip hop/rap to iconic Motown ambiance, or rugged early grunge. Her style is marked by both lyrical originality and playfulness, and the “accessible” melodic elements of pop music. She cut her teeth regularly busking on subway platforms, and now also streams her songs and production processes on Twitch – a community she describes as very much like virtual busking.

Cover art for “Gucci Baggage” by ISY