Jacob Wallace seeks comfort with God in his new single “Poison Control,” which was released on July 16. Wallace’s dynamic acoustic-driven indie-rock style engages introspective thought. With a creative motto of “find your vulnerability,” Wallace’s candour and burning honesty pave the way to join him in his journey.

Wallace found inspiration for this song during the winter before a global pandemic. “I’m proud of this track and how it turned out. It doesn’t fit the mold, not even my own and that’s what I love most about it.” Wallace describes this song as forcing him to try new things‒to see music in a new light.

Wallace found himself isolated, struggling along with the rest of the world as he adapted to a new normal as a pandemic swept away our regular rhythms. Suddenly the lyrics became prophetic, necessary even, for Wallace. These lyrics became words to cling to during tough days and nights. Wallace recalls living every word and note in the song. He believes he still may be living in them now. In the midst of the chaos, dissonance, and warfare of subterfuge and mental illness, Wallace is calling for a miracle in “Poison Control.” “I need the unfailing love of a good, gracious, and merciful God more than ever.”

Wallace expresses his need for nothing short of a miracle in his new single. “Poison Control” serves as a clear canvas and open admission of needing help. Wallace is sending the message that miracles happen for anyone who believes. Wallace hopes to provide an anthem through his words and melodies for others who may relate. “Poison Control” is available for streaming everywhere now.

“This song was born on an old acoustic piano in the middle of an empty room and late nights playing, thinking, praying, searching for answers, listening, remembering, and finding comfort in God,” shares Wallace.

Wallace is a burgeoning singer-songwriter from Texas. He sings stories and asks questions; those deeply intimate, somewhat scary questions best explored through his music. After serving on staff as a worship pastor for churches in Dallas-Fort Worth, he now pastors as an international travelling minister with a heart for teaching and leading worship in the church and on the streets. He is currently spearheading establishing a house of prayer in central Oregon.

Cover art for “Poison Control” by Jacob Wallace