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In Solastalgia, Either Way Deliver a Multimedia Experience with Their “Morii” Music Video [Premiere]



Some of the most special musicians are the ones who look beyond the actual music. It seems counterintuitive since musicians make music for a living, but some tend to lean more towards artists than a music makers. Jean Philippe Hébert would land in the former category with his latest solo project In Solastalgia, Either Way. Hébert has been working diligently over the last several months to bring this project to life, and it’s finally arriving with the music video release of “Morii,” the title track to his new six-song EP. Judging by the spectacular visual accompaniment to the song, you can tell that there’s so much more on Hébert’s mind than just chords and verses.

In conjunction with the release of Morii, Hébert has plans to follow it with a series of multimedia concerts that will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The shows will be worked on as moving portraits, with the intention to make In Solastalgia, EitherWay itself both musical and visual. Hébert is working closely alongside a team of videographers to make this as stunning and inspiring as possible.

Commenting on the video, Hébert shares, “By living in the moment you immediately feel time passing and therefore it somehow escapes you even though you’re right there, living it. You will never feel that moment again, it’s basically gone forever as it converts into a memory.”

The Québec City-raised Hébert is an academically trained guitarist who studied both classical and jazz music in university. He has learned to play not only the guitar at a high level, but piano, drums, banjo, and mandolin as well. He has played alongside many Québec City artists, such as Elliot Maginot, Lisa Leblanc, and Les Soeurs Boulay over the last decade. In Solastalgia, Either Way is an interesting endeavour, for it combines both a love of nature and music. The idea for the project was built around the idea put forward by modern philosopher Glenn Albrecht that describes a type of existential distress created by environmental change. Not content to just be another musician, Hébert has higher level ideals for his art, goals he clearly is having no trouble achieving.

Morii Track Listing:

1. Good People, Bad Medecin.
2. Opia
3. Morri
4. The Warlike Fox
5. Zenozyne
6. La Solastalgie

Artwork for “Morii” by In Solastalgia, Either Way