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emoty Makes “History” with Bold New Hip-Pop Single



Denver-based hip-pop artist emoty (aka Tyler Dozier) released his second-ever single “History” on June 25. Produced by Madilla (aka Cameron Sargent), the song is a self-reflection and observation of society as a whole – about bragging habits to impress other people, commonly dating partners. Upon first listen, the track seems like an encouragement to do whatever it takes to impress a crush, but it actually puts a mirror up to daters to question why it’s so normal to act this way. emoty has zero hesitation to begin his music career with a striking message.

For emoty, relationships are based on interests, passions, and the quirks that make people unique. He understands the need to prioritize someone’s true self over the money or things they have. Unfortunately, that belief isn’t always reciprocated. “I hate the concept of flexing because I hate materialism,” says emoty. “I’m the type of person that will wear the same pair of shoes until I’m unable to wear them.” The Denver artist takes on a fresh sense of confidence in the single to portray the chase that goes along with pursuing love. Balancing the urges to confess his feelings and keep his guard up, emoty relates to listeners who have ever felt the need to put their best self forward on a date.

“History” is a perfect summertime jam – mixing the smooth, catchy musical elements of hip-hop and the melodic earworms from pop. Listeners can enjoy the song to simply let loose, or they can dive into the lyrical depths to digest the message behind them. In “History,” emoty touches on the urge to pursue the person he likes, but is unsure if they truly like him back. “I try to stay humble and self-aware – I never want to break boundaries,” says emoty. The single was written alongside guitarist and songwriter Justin Scott Lucas who also wrote on Khalid’s Free Spirit album. “History” is a strong start for what fans can expect from Tyler emoty in 2021 and beyond, and it will be available for streaming everywhere on June 25.

Cover art for “History” by emoty