It’s nice, it’s light, and it’s charming when it comes to indie-poppers MAK. This engaging group of young men have just released their brand new music video for “Light Pollution,” a fun, catchy little tune chock full of Beatles-esque melodies, delivered in a modern sound. The video is a fairly straightforward performance clip, with the band playing in front of various colourful, and at times animated, backdrops. “Light Pollution” was produced by Coin bassist Matt Martin who helped give the song its polished, uber poppy sound.

A true family affair, MAK consists of brothers Ian (lead singer and guitar) and Aidan Makrianes (bassist), their cousin Evan Makrianes on drums, and best friend and lead guitarist Drake Morgan. Hailing from Tampa, Florida, the band’s goal is to set a new standard in pop music, one that is more organic and genuine sounding, as opposed to the electronic pop that currently dominates the airwaves.

Describing the song and what it means to the group, Ian Makrianes remarked, “The song recounts memories we experienced over the past years whether it be running from cops and security guards or wasting time trying to be our heroes.  The video paints a beachy nostalgic picture, which is supposed to be aesthetically reminiscent of our feelings towards these times and what we’ve overcome as a band. It’s all about growth.”

Thus far, MAK has received some ringing endorsements from some well-respected members of the music community, including Robin Zander, frontman of Cheap Trick who jammed with the guys at a soundcheck a few years ago. They’ve also won over a big fan in Jim Chambers, a multiple Grammy winner who has worked with a long list of superstar artists, including Dave Matthews and Maroon 5. Chambers first became aware of MAK about five years ago and since that time he has overwhelmingly complimentary of their solid musical output.

There is a whole new generation of pop-rock artists emerging who are putting their own spin on the genre. MAK promise to be at the forefront of that generation, leading the way for years to come.

Artwork for ‘Light Pollution’ by MAK