Colorado folk artist Cole Scheifele has released “Company Clothes,” the third single off his upcoming album, The Hideaways. Premiering on Country Evolution, Scheifele sings about feeling trapped and stuck in the routine of a job that is unfulfilling or not true to who we are, creating a character that most of us can identify with to some extent. The song itself is charming, gentle, and lush; at times breaking open into a larger moment, it is almost a reflection of how these feelings work. “They sort of gnaw at us quietly and we bury them and then they break open and get real big and then they soften again,” says Scheifele.

Scheifele does what he does best, yet again, and explores very real and universal feelings in the most honest way he possibly could. He taps into exactly how the listener feels stuck in a cycle of dissatisfaction and frustration as they compare how friends have “found new cities” and maybe the listener should have tried harder to do something more with their life. Scheifele identifies that “it’s only when we learn that our pasts don’t define us as we are now that we can learn from those things and really grow and change,” and though many of the sentiments addressed are not exactly comforting, Scheifele does manage to slide some sort of hope across the table to the listener.

Cole Scheifele is an up-and-coming folk singer/songwriter based out of Denver, Colorado. He combines beautiful melodies with deep and thought-provoking lyrics that he says stem from his never-ending hunger to discover more about the human experience. “I don’t think we ever stop learning and digesting thoughts and feelings from the world around us,” he said, “I try to go into some of the deeper parts of the mind that can be inherently scary, but also endlessly beautiful.” His debut EP Everything Matters, Nothing Matters At All was released in 2019 and is a perfect example of this, as it delves into deep human connection, loss, and existential thoughts.

Backed by a stellar local cast, Scheifele has landed gigs opening for international touring acts such as Jade Bird and was chosen as a Top 10 Finalist out of over 400 entries for The Planet Bluegrass Rocky Mountain Folk Festival Songwriting Competition. He recently caught the attention of The Fray’s Ben Wysocki, a fellow Denver musician and producer. The two teamed up for Scheifele’s first full-length record which is set to be released this summer.

Cover art for “Company Clothes” by Cole Scheifele

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