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Trove – “Becoming Memories” [Free Song Download]



One of the most difficult parts of being a musician is topping yourself. Everyone always expects your next recording or project to blow away your last, even if it was superb in its own right, and obviously, that’s not always going to be the case. Well, former Vanna singer Davey Muise has had no trouble reaching the heights he was previously able to attain with his latest band, Trove.

The group recently released their latest single, “Becoming Memories,” off of their 2020 album World, out via Modern Empire Music, and we’re now thrilled to be offering the song as a free high-quality MP3 download. The song is a post-hardcore delight, featuring barreling, aggressive guitars, and Muise’s intense, emphatic screaming. Vanna had a very successful, 13-year run that featured the release of six studio albums, but by 2017, the members decided to go their separate ways. Muise’s post-Vanna path has led him to Trove, an act musically moulded around the grunge, punk, and emo on which he grew up.

“Becoming Memories” was inspired by some heavy thoughts on the mind of Muise. As he explains, “I think like everybody, I struggle with the concept of death. What happens after, what happens next, is this the end or just another beginning? So many cultures and peoples celebrate death as many mourn through it, but that fact is we all will face it and that gives me peace. To know that whatever’s next, we all have a finite time here. So, I crave the notion of filling my time here with as much growth, learning and beauty as I can. It’s not about the peak but about the journey, so create some moments as you become your memories.”

Shortly after Vanna had ended their run, Muise started to put the pieces in place for Trove. In 2017, they released their debut EP, Hark, a distinguished packet of songs with a nostalgic feel. By early 2019, Muise began writing for a debut full-length, more stylistically diverse than anything Vanna had released. World hits on many of the musical styles that the members gravitated towards while they were establishing themselves in different corners of the music industry.

If there’s one goal that Muise maintains with his music it’s to never leave the listener bored. With its hard-hitting approach, World will most certainly leave you enthusiastically wanting more.

Artwork for ‘World’ by Trove

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