Vanna has premiered a new song titled “Piss Up A Rope” from their upcoming record VOID. VOID, Vanna’s debut album for Pure Noise Records, and their fifth full-length, was recorded at the Machine Shop in New Jersey with Will Putney (Stay From The Path, Northlane, Miss May I) and will be available everywhere June 17th. Boston, Massachusetts based Vanna has seen much success since their formation nearly ten years ago.

Boston hardcore outfit Vanna have been through a few line-up changes recently with their fourth album, The Few And The Far Between, being the first time fans of the band will get to hear the groups’ new incarnation. Fear not though, as the album skids into the punk rock snarl of opener proper “The Lost Art Of Staying Alive”, Vanna have obviously lost none of that bite has earned them a healthy following in the hardcore scene.

Boston, MA band Vanna have been blowing up the hardcore scene ever since their second full-length, A New Hope, came out. Thanks in large to this album the group had a tight touring schedule and began to amass a growing following. Now the band is back with a follow up to that highly popular release, And They Came Baring Bones, out via Artery Recordings.

Vanna is set to premiere the video for “Scarlet Shroud,” from their June 21st release ‘And They Came Baring Bones’. It will debut today, July 5th exclusively on Alternative Press. Click HERE to view. The concept behind the video is very similar to the theme of the album – the idea of life, death, afterlife and rebirth. As the band fights their way through a crowd marching to their death, they encounter symbolic figures and signs that eventually lead them to brightness of the “white light” by the sea.