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Strei – “The Dawn In Us All” [Free Song Download]



Ottawa-based Strei is a three-piece post-metal band dishing tunes sharp enough to lacerate and fire enough to cauterize the wounds. Their tunes don’t reinvent the genre’s wheel, but they’re solid and tight and primal. As an introduction to their stuff, these dudes are offering the tune “The Dawn In Us All” – a band personal fave – as a free song download.

Released on February 19th, the tune mixes some menacing ambience with harsh vocal work, hairpin palm muting, and lots of chugga-chugga. Strei elevates their work with unexpected sidesteps into more experimental, melodic territory that allows listeners to breathe in the sonic expansion before revisiting the heavier structures of their music. It’s a journey that never rests too long in one soundscape, but keeps twisting through a sturdy, post-metal labyrinth.

On the track, Strei gives us some insight: “The Dawn In Us All is our favourite song so far. Why? Is it because we feel it’s the best? Not necessarily. It’s simply the song we feel sounds most like what we’re trying to sound like. We experimented a lot with our previous song (one listen of “Short Shorts” can tell you that), and we feel we finally found our sound with Dawn. It truly does reflect each member’s personal taste, creating something we all really enjoy.”

Artwork for “The Dawn In Us All” by Strei