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Hard Rockin’ Danko Jones Puts on a “Live, Loud, and Wild“ 25th Anniversary Live Stream

Danko Jones continues his 25th Anniversary celebration with a suitably “Live, Loud, and Wild“ live stream. Read our review here.



“I’m learning to love the silence,” says Danko Jones, “it makes me work harder. Two-hundred percent harder.”

It’s the second night of Danko Jones’ Live, Loud, and Wild live stream from Bridgeworks in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and forms part of their 25th anniversary celebrations. The fact that Jones is already sweating heavily after just 15 minutes would only go to back up his statement.

Throwing himself into the performance, Jones comments “I can hear the applause… in my head,” before the band launch into a raucous “Code of the Road,” a track dedicated to recently passed death metal Entombed frontman LG Petrov. It’s a wonderfully genuine tribute with Jones wearing an Entombed shirt throughout the set.

Elsewhere throughout the show, Jones and his bandmates are in fine form as they stomp through a red hot “Lipstick City,” an equally sizzling “Legs,” and “I’m In A Band,” Jones’ favourite song. Full throttle throughout, Jones and the band barely stop for breath as they rattle through “Invisible,” “Gonna Be A Fight Tonight,” and “Burn In Hell,” a song which, after a bit of pondering, has Jones admitting is actually his favourite song, not the aforementioned “I’m In A Band.”


“They are fuckin’ great songs,” Jones announces at one point, “they work full house or not,” and he’s not wrong. However, despite the sweat, the posing and the greased-up rock n’ roll providing a perfect soundtrack to this Saturday night, you can’t help but feel that, had this gig been played to out to crazy crowd in a sauna-like venue, you really would have been seeing the true definition of live, loud, and wild.

Danko Jones’ “Live, Loud, and Wild” Setlist:

01. I Want Out
02. Sugar Chocolate
03. I Think Bad Thoughts
04. First Date
05. Do You Wanna Rock
06. Watch You Slide
07. Lipstick City
08. I’m in a Band
09. Legs
10. Invisible
11. Gonna Be a Fight Tonight
12. Code of the Road
13. Full of Regret
14. Had Enough
15. Burn in Hell
16. Cadillac
17. Lovercall
18. My Little RnR
19. Mango Kid
20. Samuel Sin
21. Rock Shit Hot

Danko Jones Live Stream Poster

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