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Osman Azeem Reflects on Difficult Relationships with His Single “What Have You Done”



Osman Azeem has got his reel out and he’s ready to “hook” you in with his brand new single “What Have You Done.” Piecing together the best of R&B and pop, Azeem is ready to emerge in a big way with his latest single, a relatable song with dark undertones.

The song features his unmistakably smooth voice with distinct urban rhythms, along with an electronic element to the production. While much of the R&B charts are populated by dancy, club-ready songs, Azeem’s take on the genre is more emotional and introspective, with a level of sincerity in his words and his passion that is difficult to match.

Explaining the meaning behind “What Have You Done,” Azeem commented, “This song is about an abusive relationship, using a person for the purpose of pushing yourself forward in the most negative perspective possible and pursuing your dreams with reckless abandon.”

Even though it’s been a long time coming, Azeem only recently really began to put the pedal to the metal in his musical career. While he had been writing songs for many years, it wasn’t until last year that he felt comfortable enough to reveal himself to the world through his music. It took a period of personal hardship to point him in the right direction, and he hasn’t looked back, plowing ahead with style and honesty. Azeem’s songwriting style is defined by his heartfelt approach, along with forward-thinking production that helps differentiate him from his industry peers. He first became interested in music at the age of seven when he started playing the piano. After a switch to guitar, Azeem started to learn how to write songs, which became his safe space where he could feel comfortable pouring his heart out into both his lyrics and his melodies.

It’s all started to come together very nicely for Azeem, with his heartfelt approach certain to grab the attention of a fanbase looking for something authentic and profound.

Osman Azeem