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In Attica Come Flying out the Gates with Their Debut Single, “Reverie” [Premiere]



Let’s be honest here, it’s been a scary time these last twelve months. Fear and mistrust are widespread, careers (and lives) have gone off the rails, and everything’s gone topsy turvy. But it’s all in how you respond to adversity, right? When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade, which essentially sums up how musician Caleb Fairchild has dealt with the situation.

Fairchild is thrilled to be emerging with his new single “Reverie” from his latest musical endeavour, In Attica. This project has been a long time coming for Fairchild, a musical journey that began 15 years ago during his senior year of high school. There have been ups and downs along the way, including a recording contract that fell apart with his former band Far From Phoenix. But through it all, Fairchild has remained focused on bringing In Attica to life and doing things his own way.

To offer some more specifics on the story behind In Attica, Fairchild shared with us, “In the winter of 2009 a friend and I decided (on a whim) to get in my late grandfather’s Oldsmobile Toronado and drive two hours south to the little town of Attica, Indiana for a concert. The car was without heat, lacked modern technology, and had a short in the headlights. Along the way we managed to get lost. What took place that day was one of the most carefree and liberating experiences of my life. In Attica embodies the spirit of freedom, youthfulness, and energy encased in that moment; often locked away in that memory. We all have experiences we wish we could return to, or moments in time we treasure. This project is not about holding onto the past, but about sharing it with others and using it to have a better tomorrow.”

This time last year, In Attica wasn’t exactly what Fairchild thought he’d be doing with his time right now. In 2016, he had formed the group Imperial Skies with a couple of old bandmates who released a full-length record in 2017, followed by a few other singles. They had planned to write a follow-up in 2020, but then….. well you know what happened. The downtime turned out to be a blessing in disguise for Fairchild. Since 2008, he had been toying with the idea of In Attica, but just would not allow himself to move forward with it. He would write lyrics, then throw them away. Record a couple of lines and then delete them. The thought of a solo project where he’d leave himself completely vulnerable scared the hell out of Fairchild, but it also excited him.

By the fall of 2020, he once and for all decided enough was enough, and it was time to bring In Attica to life. The moment has come for Fairchild to reveal to the world what’s been going on in his head these last dozen years, and he’s determined to not disappoint, with “Reverie” about as solid of a start as one could hope for.

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