Fred Melamed has had a unique journey as an actor by tackling a wide field of genres and projects that span film, television, theatre, and voice-over work. After his spirited performance in A Serious Man by the Coen Bros., he has gone on to do some of the biggest work of his career! Fred has gone on to appear in hit shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm, 30 Rock, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Fargo and more, along with hit films like Get On Up, and Hail Caesar. Fred recently appeared in the pilot episode of WandaVision, the debut TV series from the Marvel Cinematic Universe that airs on Disney+!

In this in-depth discussion, Melamed dives into his approach to crafting characters, spotting great scripts, what it’s like working with distinguished auteur directors, doing some of the biggest projects yet later in his career, and exploring different mediums and genres through his craft. Melamed’s experiences working with film The Coen Bros., Woody Allen, and S. Craig Zahler, on top of growing up in a family with a rich history in show business put Melamed in the unique position of having an understanding of the way film, TV, and other arts to give audiences a look at how the entertainment industry has evolved over the years and where it is at today.

On working with auteur directors, Melamed told us, “The really good directors, especially the really good writer/directors, for example, the Coens, furnish you with a script in which the world is very fully realized.”

On screenwriting, he added, “It’s the hardest form of writing. It’s extremely hard to me because if it’s done well, it has to be so paired down. It has to be so elegantly trimmed.”

A still from WandaVision
A still from WandaVision

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