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Sharptooth – ‘Transitional Forms’ [Album Review]

Baltimore hardcore band Sharptooth deliver a raging display on their new album “Transitional Forms”. Read our review of this vicious slice of hardcore here.



“Honest, explosive and unapologetically enraged.”

That’s the opening statement on the press release that accompanies Transitional Forms, the second release on Pure Noise Records from Baltimore hardcore troop, Sharptooth. “This is the part of the song where we slow shit down so you can kill each other. It doesn’t matter what we say…” goads vocalist Lauren Kashan during opening track “Say Nothing (In The Absence Of Content)” in a vicious outburst against artists who waste the platform they have. It’s a suitably brutal opening to the album and backs up that pull-no-punches statement.

After that breakneck opener, the album continues through a frantic, rage-filled journey as the likes of “Mean Brain” sink their hooks into your skull before smashing it into a pulp. Mixing together the punk rock fury of Every Time I Die with the moshpit inciting riffery of Stray From The Path, Transitional Forms is relentless in its delivery as Kashan and her bandmates steamroller through the likes of “Hirudinea” and the utterly raging “Evolution.” Quality throughout, the star of the show is undoubtedly Kashan who delivers an absolutely stunning display. Littering her skin-peeling screams with darker, moodier cleans, her performance is emotional, to say the least, as she throws her all into tracks like current single “The Gray” and the aforementioned “Mean Brain.”

Subject-wise, the album is as dark as the music as Kashan explores hopelessness, social justice and her own mental health. Furthermore, if you don’t feel every hair on your neck stand up listening to her screaming “Wring me out, bleed me dry, use me till I fucking die” then you might want to check your pulse. Like they warned, and judging by her fury on “M.P.B.D (Manic Pixie Bitch Dream),” this album couldn’t be more honest, explosive or unapologetically enraged if it tried.


Of course, there are plenty of massive mosh moments throughout the fury of this record but Transitional Forms isn’t about that. This is a record about screaming until your fucking throat bleeds. It’s about losing your shit and not giving a shit about doing so. In Transitional Forms Sharptooth has put out one of the most unashamedly honest and emotional hardcore records you’re likely to hear. It might not be pretty and you might not like what Kashan has to say but, trust me, throw yourself into this record as wholeheartedly as Sharptooth has because it will be a life-changing experience.

Transitional Forms Track Listing:

1. Say Nothing (in the Absence of Content)
2. Mean Brain
3. Life on the Razor’s Edge
4. Hirudinea
5. The Grey
6. Evolution
7. 153
8. The Southern Strategy
9. M.P.B.D (Manic Pixie Bitch Dream)
10. Nevertheless (She Persisted)

Run Time: 29:45
Release Date: July 10, 2020
Record Label: Pure Noise Records


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